Mc Spicy, Shake shake fries, Mc Donald’s Delivery and Mobile App

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This product and service review was originally posted on my Tumblr account on September 14, 2014.



I used to have fast food delivered on my doorstep even during the wee hours in the morning. My shift usually starts at 2 PM Manila time and I often arrive at home at 11 PM or 11:30 PM. By that time, I’m already starving. My dinner break at the office used to be around 5:20 to 6:20 PM so it really takes quite a while and you’ll definitely get hungry if you were talking for hours non-stop if you were in my place.

My routine back then was quite different from my current routine. I used to go to work alone until I had a bad experience with a group of street children (they weren’t exactly children. They are a group of five or six teenagers and some pre-teens) one rainy afternoon. These days, I usually wait for Ino in a certain place so that we can go home together or sometimes I ask him to fetch me at work. I’d rather wait for him than risk my safety every night.

I wrote this entry on a Sunday. It was September 14, 2014. I was supposed to order my midnight snack but Mc Donald’s online delivery page was down. I was also having some problems with the signal of my phone and my tablet when I was trying to order. It took me about thirty minutes before the signal on my tablet stabilized.

It was already past 1 A.M when my internet connection became stable. Unfortunately, Mcdo’s website was still having some problems. I usually order through their website and it bothered me that I can’t order anything because their page was down. I tried every fast food chain I can think of. However, since it’s past 12 already, most of it don’t accommodate orders anymore.

I tried searching Mc Donald’s on Twitter and that’s where I learned about the Mc Donald’s Philippines app. I guess it’s still on beta or my connection was still acting up at that time. I tried logging on to Facebook and signing in but it’s not getting through.

I tried to search for other fastfood chains which has an online delivery service again. I almost ordered in Yellow Cab, however, I haven’t tried ordering there online (and I can’t really eat a 10″ pizza alone,) and their service charge is cheaper by ten pesos than Mc Donald’s.

Just for the sake of trying, I decided to register another email add using the Mcdo’s app. It went through and I was able to order. An agent from Mcdo’s hotline called me up and told me that my order is on the way. After 15 minutes, another agent called me because the triple cheese flavor of the shake shake fries was not available anymore. I just told her to change it to barbecue instead.

I waited for another 30 mins. after that. While waiting, a male agent called me and told me that the coke float was not available because it’s no longer available at that time and that they have a policy about not taking ice cream orders in the wee hours of the morning. And because I want something sweet I just ordered an additional apple pie.

It took another 30 minutes for my orders to arrive. It was delicious. Mc Spicy + shake shake bbq fries + apple pie + coke = Yum!

It was just disappointing that I had to go through all of that just to satisfy my craving. It was also quite a let down that most of the fast food chains don’t have a 24 hour delivery and an online delivery page or mobile app. Thank God, Mc Donald’s has both even if they have some limitations in their service.