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Gym Plus

This entry was originally posted on my WordPress account on June 27, 2015.   I’ve been an avid fan of Saab Magalona since she got involved in a mauling incident last year. It’s not that I idolize her for brawling or stopping a brawl or whatever. I don’t know. At that time, I just noticed that she has matured when it comes to writing stuff on her blog. Eventually, she became my peg in writing some of my entries too. I just stumbled upon that news then after that I tried to search her on Google and the rest is…

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Yey For Fitness!

This post was originally posted on my WordPress account on March 9, 2015.   Hello! It has been 8 days since March started and I’m still doing the same routine over and over again. I’ve been contemplating on things since last year and it’s bothering me in a good way — ¬†if there’s such a thing. It feels like my thoughts¬†have been shouting at me lately. One of the things that’s bothering me these days is fitness. I am getting conscious about how I look like and how I feel. How my pants feel weird when I wear it. How…

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