February Watsons and SM Department Store Make Up Haul

This entry was originally posted on my WordPress account on February 21, 2016.   First, let me tell you that this is my first time to blog about my make up products. I’ve written about my make up obsession here and since then, I have joined the bandwagon of watching beauty gurus internationally and locally on YouTube. After watching the series of entries in the NYX Face Awards 2015, I was actually encouraged to buy some make up and try it out for myself. I used to believe that I am allergic to make up and that I won’t be caught…

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My Make Up Tutorial Obsession

This entry was originally posted on June 30, 2015   I’ve been obsessing with make up tutorials for months now and it’s kinda crazy. At first, I was just watching make-up tutorials for fun but as time goes by, I became more engrossed with the idea of putting on some make-up. Honestly, I can’t wear make-up regularly because I don’t know how to. Another reason is that I don’t have the proper tools to try it. And lastly, it’s because I’m allergic to powder. My eyes turns watery when someone tries to put an eyeliner on me. I dunno, I…

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