February Watsons and SM Department Store Make Up Haul

This entry was originally posted on my WordPress account on February 21, 2016.


First, let me tell you that this is my first time to blog about my make up products. I’ve written about my make up obsession here and since then, I have joined the bandwagon of watching beauty gurus internationally and locally on YouTube.

After watching the series of entries in the NYX Face Awards 2015, I was actually encouraged to buy some make up and try it out for myself. I used to believe that I am allergic to make up and that I won’t be caught dead wearing one. However, things change and I just realized that I am proving myself wrong.

It was around November when my bestfriend got married. I actually remembered that I was so worried at that time because she won’t sponsor the make up artists for her entourage. It was a morning wedding and I don’t know where to find a HMUA at that time. I felt like I’m doomed. I clearly need to find a way to make myself look presentable.

I was relieved when my sister offered to do my make up. However, I need my own set of cosmetics and I actually didn’t know where to start. So I bought several stuff in my first haul that I actually didn’t use.

After several months, I decided to watch more local videos from beauty gurus on YouTube. I started buying affordable local products and several imported drug store products. My only worry at that time was that I don’t know how to put it on. I’m not an artist and I don’t know how to apply the make ups that I bought. LOL.

However, that didn’t stop me from buying and trying things out. I eventually found a BB Cream that I actually like and a press powder and lipgloss of the same brand. I also learned to read make up reviews before buying beauty products. I learned some make up lingos as well. I learned that my skin is oily but I’m not sure if it’s a combination of oily and dry. I’m still a noob to this thing but I’m still trying to learn.

I also bought some fake brushes from a co-worker just to try it out. I was able to learn how to apply the make up products by trial and error. I am actually patting myself on the back because I just learned how to use my brushes comfortably.

After several simple and cheap hauls, I became comfortable in swatching tester products in the drugstore or department store. Ino said that I’ve been spending a lot of time in those places and that usually gets us late for work.

It takes some getting used to. Baby steps. I’m still figuring things out and I’m still exploring.

I just had enough monetary resources this month so I was able to buy a new set of cosmetics. Here are the products that I bought:

My Make Up Tutorial Obsession

This entry was originally posted on June 30, 2015


I’ve been obsessing with make up tutorials for months now and it’s kinda crazy.

At first, I was just watching make-up tutorials for fun but as time goes by, I became more engrossed with the idea of putting on some make-up. Honestly, I can’t wear make-up regularly because I don’t know how to. Another reason is that I don’t have the proper tools to try it. And lastly, it’s because I’m allergic to powder. My eyes turns watery when someone tries to put an eyeliner on me. I dunno, I think I’m just not into putting make up on and I am not really used to it that’s why.

However, I attempted to buy a moisturizer but I ended up buying a facial wash moisturizer instead. I didn’t like the sticky feeling of the facial wash moisturizer that I bought, so I decided to buy a different brand. I was opting for a known brand, but I saw an old brand that has been in the business for years. I tried their facial wash and I also bought a facial cleanser. After a few weeks, my co-workers noticed the difference in my skin and I sticked to it. Oha, it sounded like a commercial testimonial! LOL.

I didn’t buy any cosmetic products after that. I’d like to but it’s not in my priorities these days. I think I’ll just share the vids that I liked from YouTube in here so that you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I just typed in “make up tutorials” and these videos were shown on my YouTube browser. These are some of the videos that I liked and honestly, I really want to try it but… I have a lot of buts in putting make up on my face.

For now, enjoy the videos…:)


Disclaimer: I do not own any of these videos. This playlist was made through the YouTube website.