Post Anniversary Date At The Hampton Gardens

Last Saturday, June 18, 2016, Ino and I celebrated our post anniversary date at The Hampton Gardens. We were supposed to celebrate at the same place on our 7th year anniversary. However, I got terribly sick on the day of our date so we decided to just postpone it.

We left Citihomes around 3:30 PM to 4 PM and arrived in THG at around 4:30 PM. We just dropped our things at Lawrence’s unit and we headed to the swimming pool. We swam for about 30-45 minutes and decided to grab a bite nearby THG.

There were a couple of places that Ino was raving about. First was the burger place and the second was the very affordable Tapsihan, Tapsi Sa Palatiw, near Stella Maris Pasig.

We headed to the burger place first because we were supposed to have burgers and shakes for snacks. However, it was still closed when we dropped by. Closed at 5 PM? Hahaha.. Pretty weird, right? Ino said that the burger place usually opens around 6 PM and closes at 2-3 PM.  So, since it is still closed, we just went to the other place that he was raving about.


I let him choose the kind of Tapsi that he wants to order since he recommended the place. It was my first time to go there so I really didn’t know what to expect. I’ve eaten at several Tapsihans and Tapsi sa Palatiw’s Tapsilog was just right for me. For a very affordable price, the Tapsi was not a miss but it wasn’t as stellar as Tapa King’s.  It was actually a hit for me because it is a go-to-place if you are looking for a budget friendly dine in experience.

Aside from the Tapsi, we also ordered a couple of barbecue sticks. It would have been better if they reheated it. The meat was already quite cold and difficult to chew so I wasn’t able to enjoy it as much.

The Tapsilog costs P31 pesos per meal and the barbecue costs around P10 to P12 per stick.

The dining experience was comfortable. The place was spacious. Not many people dined in when we went there but that’s because it’s a Saturday and it’s not really the high time for people to eat dinner or eat rice and a viand for snacks.

I will still go back and try their chicken meal if I were given a chance. For a cost effective experience, I would rate this affordable restaurant a 3.

Tapsi sa Palatiw is located at Stella Maris Ave, Pasig, 1607 Metro Manila.

Off to our next stop, Ino chose another place for desserts.




For P25, I get to Swirl to The Max!!!

It isn’t obvious that it was my first time to ever go to Lawson. 🙂

It was actually not my first time because Ino and I had tried it before at Legarda, Manila a few months ago. But let me just enjoy this post because it is worth writing. 🙂

I’ve tried several ice creams from different marts like 7-Eleven, Ministop, Family Mart, and Circle K. I’d definitely choose Circle K’s vanilla ice cream over Family Mart’s.

My curiosity started when I’ve read about Lawson’s Charcoal Ice Cream from Mati Serrano‘s blog and DomesticUrbanite‘s blog. Both of them are foodies or food enthusiasts and reading about their recipes and food trips from time to time helped me discover new places and new dishes to try. Reading their blog posts about Lawson’s Charcoal Ice Cream made me think that it must be something that I, myself, should try.

At the same time, my resident bully and fiance, told me that he has already tried the Charcoal Ice Cream before which made me green with envy. I was very curious at that time but I don’t know where Lawson is in Ortigas.

So, here I am. Looking like a first timer because I really am. 🙂

The Charcoal Ice Cream experience was delightful! It was fun to eat although it messed my teeth (which Ino made fun of) because of the charcoal. For P25, it wasn’t that bad. It is now my 2nd favorite next to Circle K’s.

Looking at Lawson’s selection, I can say that they have more stocks than 7-Eleven and sometimes Mercury Drug. They offer different kinds of stuff from toiletries to different instant food. I was actually amazed with the toiletries because there’s a lot to choose from.

I had to compare because I’ve been waiting for Ino at 7-Eleven for almost half the year after I tired myself out from hanging out at Mc Donald’s several months ago. It was something that I have to write about since that habit will eventually end by the end of June. Hopefully.

So, going back to the Charcoal Ice Cream experience, I would say that I’d like to give it a 4 for trying. It was definitely something new and something refreshing to try on a hot summer or rainy day. 🙂


We went to ELITE NAILS HAND, FOOT AND BODY SPA after taking a rest at THG.

Just focus on the toes, please. Don’t focus on how fat my feet are. 🙁

I think Ino reads my posts and take my Sunday Currentlies to heart. I remember one Sunday Currently post where I’ve written something about needing some pampering. I think he didn’t miss that post because he treated me to a nail care experience at the Elite Nails Spa on our post Saturdate Anniversary celebration.

We inquired about their nail services first before we decided to book a pedi session before we went to Tapsi sa Palatiw and Lawson. My usual dilemma in inquiring about a product or a service to a clerk or a sales representative is their ability to explain the product or service that they are selling and how knowledgeable they are in what their products or services are.

I was pretty satisfied with Elite Nails’s attendant because he was able to explain the differences of the services that they offer. It was clear and what I just needed to hear, so as a result, I was able to choose right away on which service I’m going to avail.

Ater taking a rest at the Hampton, we headed to Elite Nails for a Luxurious Dead Sea Salt Pedicure.

We waited for almost half an hour but that’s okay because the place was well air conditioned and had a relaxing vibe. The attendant and the staff were friendly and very accommodating. ‘Though they have a separate staff assigned for the Foot Spa and another for the Pedicure, it’s okay. I don’t have any qualms on it.

The Luxurious Dead Sea Salt Pedicure costs around P390. I had an additional OPI Nail Polish worth P50 to P60 because the staff said it lasts two weeks longer than an ordinary nail polish so I gave it a go.

It was actually worth it. The foot spa was good because the staff really tried to scrape off my dry skin and callouses. She was very hardworking and was very friendly too. I admit that her job was very difficult and given that it’s almost dinner time, I give props to her good service because she didn’t hastily do her job. I felt that I’m getting the service that is worth what I’m paying for so I didn’t regret giving her a tip.

The pedicure, which I was expecting to be painful was very painless. The staff who attended to me was very careful and checks on my reaction from time to time. It was not painful so it was okay. She also followed my request about not using a nail file because I hate the feeling of it scratching my nails. I also gave her a tip for taking care of my nails.

I would definitely go back to this branch if I will be given a chance. I’d also choose the same staff, if only I could remember their names. 🙂 I think I can still remember how they looked like. 🙂 I give this branch a 3.75 for a quite excellent service.

This branch that I have visited was just outside the Hampton Gardens. It’s located at Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue, Pasig, 1607 Metro Manila. You can also check their menu on their website.

Finally, after everything that transpired on that day, we chanced upon the burger place that I was writing about earlier.

It’s already open!!



When I said burger place, I was actually referring to Tapsihan Sa Maybunga. This is the place that Ino was telling me about. He was actually raving about the huge burger that they are offering.

He was telling me about the ingredients of each burger. It was quite a mouthful. Each burger is offering a Quarter Pounder. 🙂 Some of the burgers have SPAM, bacon, sunny side up fried eggs, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeno, onions, special butter sauce, etc.

My choice was the Butter Beater and it didn’t disappoint. I was also leaning towards Big Max since I’m not into different kinds of meat in one burger. Ino likes Rise N Shine but I find it quite greasy and too much. Although it is not that bad because it is really worth your money thanks to their generous serving. 🙂

I didn’t choose Level Up, Fast Break and Firehouse because of the SPAM, bacon, eggs, and jalapeno. It’s just me. I just don’t enjoy too much food in one bite. I guess it’s delicious too but I think I might try it out if Butter Beater or Big Max are not available. Haha!

Oh! We also bought a Choco Chip Shake! It was good but I wish I ordered Mocha Frappe instead. I was supposed to order Mocha Frappe but Ino said he has already tried it. I wanted him to try out a different flavor too but unfortunately, he chose the same flavor he had last time. It was quite a let down. But I will definitely try their Mocha Frappe next time! 🙂

The shakes are pretty average for me. I think it is not really worth P75. I think they could have served it for around P60 to P65 instead. The presentation and the taste wasn’t that rad for P75. I wish they could level it up by adding something more to their “plating” or to their unique taste.

With how Ino hyped the burger and the shakes, it really got me expecting something out of everything. I was expecting something worth writing about and not just an Instagram moment. I was expecting a memorable taste out of it. Something that could linger and make me want to come back even if it’s quite far from where I am from.

I guess, it’s just me and my expectations. The burger was great. The presentation and plating was surprising. The knife on the burger was liberating. The plastic gloves was a unique suggestion on how to eat the burger. It gave a subtle hint about a no poise moment. It was fun and entertaining. I enjoyed it!

I will give this restaurant a 3.5 for the effort and for the hype. 🙂

I also liked the way the servers feel like family. It’s really hard to tell whether they are just staffs or family members helping each other out in their family business. It’s a Saturday anyway, and it somehow made me feel nostalgic.

I used to dream about my own clan owning a restaurant and each one of us helping out in any way we can. I know that it’s impossible right now but it could have been a good business venture for each of us.

Anyway, I was able to enjoy the food and the drink. It was a treat! So yeah, I really enjoyed everything. I’m still looking forward to visiting Tapishan sa Maybunga because I might just really have high hopes for everything products and services related. This is how I am most especially when I am paying or someone is treating me for a food experience.

Having said that, this is not a paid advertisement and I’m blogging about it to share my own experiences. Also, I’m blogging about my thoughts so that one’s service or products will continuously improve and provide satisfaction to their customers.

Tapsihan sa Maybunga is near Hampton Gardens. It is located at 416, Dr. Sixto Ave., Pasig, Metro Manila.

Our 6th Anniversary

This entry was originally posted on May 26, 2015.


Ino and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary over the weekend on May 23, 2015. It was our first time to celebrate our relationship on the same day. So, it was actually a milestone for us that we got to celebrate our special day on the same day after 6 years.

We left Manila at 4:30 A.M on Saturday and we barely had enough time to really get some sleep because we need to check in at 3 P.M.

We almost fought on our way to San Antonio, Zambales because we had a miscommunication about going to the toilet. I thought he was at bay. I waited for him for about three minutes but he was still in the bus. I freaked out because I just woke up when I alighted the bus and I was disoriented when I saw that I was in a different place. I thought we were still at the Free Port. >_< So, I was fucking mad and I unintentionally shouted at him when I entered the bus. I thought he was going to accompany me. Because I’m too broke that I don’t have any coins to pay for the toilet. >_<// So, we almost fought because I shouted at him in public. But then, I apologized and he apologized too and were okay again.

I don’t really know the reason why we arrived earlier than 3 P.M, but I’m glad that we did! Actually, we arrived at around 9 A.M or 10 A.M but Ms. Tess, the very hospitable staff of Megan’s, was very nice to let us in the room even if it’s not yet 3 P.M. It’s a good thing that the room was already available so we don’t need to wait for a long time.


A photo posted by franchesca marie (@ms.franchesca) on

When we arrived at our destination, I felt very happy because Ino was really prepared! He really thought about the place, the accommodations and the boat trip! I wasn’t able to take a picture of the room, the boat trip and other things because… I’m not a photoblogger. LOL.

I am such a noob in taking photos and I’m not really into posting stuff. I’m starting to get the hang of my LG G3 camera, though. I enjoyed saying ‘cheese’ and ‘Kimchi’ without clicking the shutter button on my phone. Ooohh, free advertisement! LOL.



Initially, I really wanted to go to Silanguin. Look at the fourth picture on the right side of my Instagram post! It’s pretty awesome, right? But it takes 2 hours to get there and it’s quite expensive for us. If I remember it correctly, the trip to Silanguin costs P2,500 and that’s the only island that you can visit. You can’t go to Annawangen or Capones or Camara, etc. Though, there are trips where you can go island hopping, but I guess it costs more. It would be best if you will go backpacking with some of your friends in Silanguin and stay there overnight. Yes, you can stay there overnight but that would be an extra charge, I guess.

Before we choose the island that we’re going to visit, the guide told us that the water in Silanguin may be a little itchy because it is not really a part of the beach but more of a pond. There are fishlings that can make our skin feel itchy, so we just ditched the idea of going there. On a side note, we actually thought that it was Anawangin but we were quite surprised to find out that it was Annawangen.

So, since we’re only for the boat ride to a couple of islands, we decided to just go to Capones and Annawangen.

Anyway, the first boat trip was freaky. We ran out of gas in the middle of the ride. We’re on the sea in a small boat with the boatman(?) or bangkero and two children — one boy and one girl, It’s a good thing that nobody freaked out. (I was actually really freaking out deep inside me because I know that the water’s too deep and I won’t survive because I can’t take a deep breath and swim for the life of me. I don’t even know if Ino can save himself so I nearly passed out.) On the exterior, I was calm as fuck but if Ino can see right through me… I guess, everybody will be affected.

Anyway, it’s a good thing that the boatman brought an extra bottle or a container of gas for the boat ride, thankfully we arrived at Capones safely. We didn’t swim at that time because we were too busy taking pictures of the beautiful island. The water captivated me and I took some photos blindly. My angle was pretty bad because we arrived in Capones in the middle of the afternoon. We also didn’t swim because the water is too deep and the waves were too strong.

Oh yeah, the waves in going to Capones and Annawangen were pretty huge. I guess it’s the best if you’re aiming for beach surfing but as for the boat trip? It was another heart-racking moment. It was like a roller coaster ride only with huge waves in the middle of the sea.

So, please understand that I was not brave enough to take my phone out and snap some photos of the huge waves. I’m too scared to lose my life and my phone that I haven’t paid in full yet.

Although I wasn’t able to take a picture of the beautiful landscape of stones and rocks, I was able to take a photo of the beach at Capones. So here it goes:



Here’s Annawangen for yah:





We took a rest in our room after the wonderful boat trip. However, since Ino’s sore throat was already starting to make him feel uncomfortable, we just decided to stay the night. We weren’t able to take our dinner as well because we felt too tired to go out. We just had breakfast and dinner the next day.

I was famished when we got out of the room the next day. I don’t usually eat or drink Taho (Soybean curdpudding?? Not sure.) but when I saw it I suddenly craved for it. It was also the first time that the arnibal (caramelized sugar) had an equal serving to the soybean curd.


A photo posted by franchesca marie (@ms.franchesca) on



Oh, I didn’t mix it. I don’t like mixing my Taho. :))

After the Taho experiencel we ate at DG Paraiso Restaurant which is located outside Megan’s Paradiso Beach Resort.



It was a few blocks away from Megan’s. The food was delicious. It was worth our money but I expected more. It’s a good thing that I didn’t order the Bibimbap because it would be such a let down if they were not able to get the exact taste that Ino and I were looking for.



I ordered the Southern Fried Chicken. In my opinion, if you are going to visit a restaurant for the first time, you should try the safest food. It just happens that my go-to food is chicken. It was actually good. The mash potatoes were spot on, if only they served it with gravy and not a bottle of catsup.



Ino on the other hand ordered the Sweet and Sour Pork. He said it was actually good and it was really a heavy meal. However, the Sweet and Sour sauce became a Sweet and Sour soup.

All in all, the place was very interesting and budget friendly. There is also a small convenience store beside Meghan’s that sells everything from vegetables to food to medicines.

Oh by the way, I also found these two cute Terrier-Azkals puppies on our way to checking out.

Ang cute!

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We really had a blast, indeed!