The Sunday Currently Vol. 11


It’s June 12! Philippine’s Independence Day!

I don’t have much to say but I’m doing this because it’s a Sunday once again. 🙂



I haven’t done any reading this past few days.  I was pretty occupied with gaming that’s why I haven’t read anything interesting. 


My current earworm is Randomantic by James Reid. Specifically the part “Haharanahin kita, san man tayo magpunta, yung tipong kahit wala lang
O kaya biglang may breakfast in bed, just to keep you interested
Lahat ay dahil wala lang (wala lang)
I just wanna do simple random things to say “I love you”
Ohh ohh I love you”



Thinking about the big move on the 32nd floor, bills to pay for the upcoming payday and how this week will turnout. Overthinking? Yes.


I can smell some fruity scent in the room.

Wishing and Hoping

STILL Wishing and Hoping that this week would be more productive and less stressful. I hope I’ll be able to survive the working week without slacking or getting tired of going to work.


Wearing a black spaghetti-strapped dress and a pair of shorts because we’ll be sleeping in a few hours.


Loving that I was able to finish my misschesca‘s featured images and tags!! That means, I only have to re-calibrate my tags for this blog and hopefully, Ino can help me out with the theme soon. 🙂


 I want to rest some more ’cause all I did was clean the house and not really take a rest. 🙁 I also want this week to be less stressful, more enjoyable and remarkable, and more interesting.


Needing more napkins! JK. 🙂 Groceries! I need to buy toiletries. I need to paymy bills in full. I also need to pamper myself but I still don’t have the means. :'( And, Oh! I still need an extension of my weekend. 


Feeling mixed emotions. I’m tired, sleepy and hungry.


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The Sunday Currently Vol. 10


Woah! Where did the time go? It’s Sunday again (in another part of the world!) It’s practically a Monday, 1:46 AM, but because I forgot to make my Sunday Currently and I’m not yet sleepy, I decided to make one for fun.


I’m still reading The City of Bones. I’m on Chaper 11 which is a chapter about Magnus Bane. I just finished reading polandbananasBOOKS‘  Shadowhunters TV series review and her reactions about how stellar The Mortal Instruments series is made me want to read more and explore the downworlders’ world.


The vibrations of the electric fan and the humming of the air conditioner are still keeping me company at this hour.


Thinking about how the week will turn out. We have a whole day workshop tomorrow and it sucks. Basically, I’m thinking about the coming work week and I can’t wait for the next weekend. 


I can smell my hair conditioner because I just took a shower a few minutes ago.

Wishing and Hoping

Wishing and Hoping that this week would be more productive and less stressful. I hope I’ll be able to survive the working week without slacking or getting tired of going to work.


Wearing a short black nightgown because we’ll be sleeping in a few hours.


Loving that I was able to finish my backlogs and that I’m on page 10 of misschesca. That means, I only have 3 pages left to edit before I move on to this site’s tags. :))


Wanting for this week to be less stressful. I want more time to relax. I need more time to enjoy and just stare at nothingness and worry less about life.


Needing more motivation to go to work. Seriously, I’m getting bored with how redundant and habitual my work is becoming. 


Feeling relieved because I have already uploaded the photos that I was meaning to post. Although, the reviews were a little sabaw, but at least I was able to finish it. 🙂


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KOREAN FOOD: Kyochon Chicken and Mr. Park’s

Woohoo!!! This is the last entry for my backlog! I’m so glad that I’m finally free from it!! :))

For this post, I will be talking about the ever famous Kyochon Chicken and Mr. Park’s! Both restaurants serve delicious Korean food. Once again, this is not a paid advetisement. 

I will start with Mr. Park’s first. (Redundant ba?)

I’ve heard about Mr. Park’s from my colleagues, Abba and Cara. They said  that they frequent Mr. Park’s after our shift just to buy some pastries or coffee. They also mentioned that the food is affordable and delicious. They also suggested that we try Mr. Park’s Bingsu.

It was the night when I drank with three of my male colleagues at Metrowalk. Since I’m not that close to them, I felt very awkward and nervous to hangout with them. It’s a good thing that Ino was on his way to Metrowalk to fetch me. I drank 4 bottles of San Mig Light and felt a little dizzy. Ino also drank a couple of bottles and had a couple of cigarettes because my colleagues are smokers too. I understand how he feels and I know that it’s just for that night, so I let him smoke.

After some chitchat and another round of beer, we decided to go home.

However, we didn’t go home yet. Because as we were strolling around Emerald avenue, we spotted Mr. Park’s and decided to give it a try.

We ate some bread and sandwiches to keep us sober. We also ordered the Fruit Bingsu that Abba and Cara were talking about. It was actually nice.

The ambiance was very chic and classy. The food looks gourmet and the staffs were very friendly and accommodating. According to their staff, Mr. Park’s is open 24/7. 🙂

It was very nice. However, the Bingsu that we ordered was not the exact Bingsu that I have in mind. I thought that it would be like Cafe 7ate9, which was creamy and sweet. However, since it’s composed of fruits, the sourness of some of the fruits affected the taste of the Bingsu. (Haha! What am I saying?) It’s 2:25 AM. I’m sorry.

Probably, it was because I’m expecting a heavenly taste. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as heavenly as it was supposed to be. Or I just have a high expectation on things.

I was able to take some photos but my phone’s battery died in the middle of my picture taking. 🙁 I also have some photos in Ino’s phone but he hasn’t sent it to me yet.  I’ll just update this soon, okay?

So, here’s the beautiful place of Mr. Park’s:

Mr. Park’s Bread & Cake is located at Garnet Street Corner F. Ortigas Jr, Ortigas, Pasig City. Please visit them as soon as you can! 🙂

I’ve been hearing about Kyochon Chicken from my students because of its famous Chicken and beer (Chimaek) and it got me curious about how it tastes like.

Unlike Filipinos who like to eat chicken with rice, Koreans usually eat their chicken with beer. I have tried the  Yangnyum Chicken in Seoul (Korean Restaurant in Escriva) and it is by far the best chicken that I’ve ever had. Even their plain fried chicken is very delicious!

I was very giddy when Ino agreed to eat at Kyochon in SM Mega Mall. Since I’m such a curious cat, the thought of eating at a famous Korean restaurant where my students can actually relate to, made me really happy.

I became much happier when he ordered Tteokbokki and Hotteok for dessert. 🙂 Oooh, I’m becoming hungry again.

Anyway, here’s what we ordered:








The Tteokbokki and the Hotteok are really nice. I enjoyed the sweetness of both dishes! I enjoyed it too much that I ended up having a terrible toothache afterwards.

The chicken was pretty small but they have an explanation for that. It was okay. It was a little similar with Bonchon but I prefer Kyochon’s snacks and desserts more. I love Froyo (Frozen Yogurt) though.

I would like to go back to Kyochon and try another dish if I will have another chance. Hmmm… this is not a good time to get hungry. Time check 2:11 AM. :))


MAY: Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters

Ino and I embraced May with drama (just like always!) May is my favorite month aside from October. I dunno what has gotten me. It could be because we’ve been going out week after week and I felt restless or it’s just me.

We were scheduled to leave on May 30 for LaborQuezon.

Whenever Ino and I go to his hometown, I have this awkward feeling of wanting to go but also wanting to rest. I dunno if it’s because I’m too shy to be around his family or if it’s just really a crazy week and I need to rest or whatnot.

I guess, it was also because I was thinking of my backlogs that I need to publish in my blog. I also think that it’s a combination of everything.

What am I afraid of? What am I hesitating about? I really don’t know.

It has been a habit of mine to be with Ino most of the time. I seldom visit my family because of personal reasons. Perhaps I just miss being around them. That’s why it was depressing when Ino and I fought recently.

Being with his family is another story. They are nice and friendly towards me. They have a harmonious relationship. It’s actually okay to be with them. However, I often want to be alone and just do my hing. I’d rather be facing my phone or laptop and being online rather than be outside and go places.

It’s true though that I want to travel or be somewhere to experience summer as summer. However, with our financial constraints and all, I understand that we couldn’t just do that now.

Sometimes I’m thinking differently than Ino and he was thinking about other things while I’m being emotional about myself, my life and my own world. He actually wants to unwind with me that’s why he invited me to Quezon Province to be with his older sister, Ate Pilar.

I was struggling with work at that time. It was not a great weekend for me and I was not 100% okay. I wasn’t sure if I can deal with his family at that time, but he wants me to be there. At that time, I felt that I’m at my lowest point. I was hoping that he could understand but because we weren’t thinking about the same thing, we had an argument about going or not going. However, since I do not have a choice at that time, I went along with his plans and just kept quiet the whole day.

I was having my own version of my tantrums when we decided to eat at Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters. It is located in SM Light Mall in Mandaluyong City.

This was my second attempt to take some photos using my Sony Camera.

I was not really in the mood to eat because I was still sulking about going with him. However, since it was almost lunch time. I was not really thinking of anything or expecting anything at that time. My mindset at that time was to go home and worsen our fight or to just let him do whatever he wants.

Since I wasn’t really in the mood to do anything, I just decided to take some pictures and eventually write about the experience. It was also my first time to go to SM Light Mall so to make it more memorable, I took the chance to take some pictures and savor the food.


We were actually quite curious about how Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters food taste like. The first time we saw it was when we were waiting for the train in MRT Boni Station when we were heading to Cubao. We just remembered it while we were looking for J.Co Donuts in SM Light Mall.

Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters has a fast food feel to it. The place looks affordable because the chairs and the interior look simple. The food was quite budget friendly too. However, they have small servings for appetizers or snacks. Their chicken croquette also looks like chicken nuggets because it is quite small. I was quite disappointed with how it was presented. Honestly, I was quite expecting that I’d get a different experience from this restaurant because it was owned and established by a Chef.

I guess I should go back to this place and order something else. I might give the chicken croquette another try if the serving will be bigger next time.

I will give this restaurant a 3.

So, after dining in at Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters, Ino and I went to SM Mega Mall and bout the donuts for his sisters. We also went to Cubao Bus Terminal to take the bus to Pulilan.

It was almost labor day and the traffic was piled up because of the pre- elections assemblies in different cities. The cue of people in the bus station was more frustrating than I was already feeling at that time. It heightened my frustration and it really made me want to go home. My anxiety was building already at that time. Ino was already telling me that we can go home if I want to.

I don’t know what has gotten me but we still stayed. I tried to deviate my attention from everything that I’m feeling because I know that I’m making it hard for him. I eventually tried to keep up with him. I was just lucky that he wasn’t also mad or irritated at that time.  We eventually had a lighter trip on the way to Bulacan.

World Street Food Congress 2016

Ino and I celebrated our 83rd Monthsarry at the World Street Food Congress 2016 at BGC, Taguig.

I am clueless about what the event would be like. First, I thought that the food congress, having the word “World” in the title would suggest that we’d get to eat different kinds of food all over the world. I was excited with the idea that I will be able to try some Korean street foods but lo and behold, there wasn’t any Korean food on that day.

Second, I didn’t have any idea on what the congress would be like. I imagined that it would be located indoors and that it would be inside a mall or a building or something. Surprise, surprise!! It was an outdoor event.

Well, that’s what you get from not reading anything or making a research about where you’re going ahead of time. In my defense, Ino just told me that we’re going to this place a few days before the event and I’m not exactly sure about what to expect. I guess, I wasn’t really paying attention when he was telling me about it.

It was already afternoon when we arrived. We walked from Market! Market! to McKinley and we were greeted by the long cue of people. We eventually found our way to the end of the line and after a few minutes were able to get in.

We got a free bottle of Listerine when we arrived. Then I got to take tons of photos using my new Sony camera!! I was very happy that I got to try it for the first time. It really made me feel like a blogger! Hahahaha! :))

So, we took some photos here and there and we looked around for the dishes that they were serving. Unfortunately, there isn’t any Korean stall. 🙁 It was such a let down but it was still a good experience.

There were a lot of people in the food congress, there’s always a long cue for each stalls. Some stalls closed early because they were already sold out. The price range for the food costs around P150-250 depending on the kind of food that you are ordering.

We get to taste different variety of dishes from meals to snacks. Unfortunately, the bagoong chicken didn’t make the cut because it didn’t work for us.

Here’s a funny story…

While we were eating our food, there was a band on the stage. Actually they were just an acoustic duo. Upon hearing Silent Sanctuary, I (being the gullible person that I am) thought that it was really Silent Sanctuary singing on the stage. So, I took several photos of them until I realized that they just meant that the previous song that they sang was a cover of Silent Sanctuary’s Sa’yo. I was very embarrassed at that time because I even told Ino that it was SS but it actually wasn’t.

Anyway, we just enjoyed the music because they didn’t invite other guests at that time. I think they were more focused on the food and profit that they haven’t thought of inviting a band. (Even an indie band to perform!!)  It was actually a let down.

The acoustic duo also had a second set, in which the singer were asking the audience for a song request. Ino and I requested for Ripped Jeans / Photograph. The singer/guitarist accommodated our request but it seems that he’s not familiar with the chords and lyrics of the song. So, yeah. Another disappointment.

He also sang Marry Me by Train because Ino requested for it. Again, he wasn’t that familiar with the song again that’s why he had a hard time. But since we just enjoyed the event, it was still a good experience for us.

Here are some of the photos that I took using my new Sony Camera:

Tapa King

Whenever I feel like I want to have a full meal without spending too much, I usually suggest and request to Ino that we dine in at Tapa King.

Tapa King is nearby our apartment and we often go there whenever we crave for a tasty and affordable Filipino food. It has a variety of meals that you can choose from rice meals to snacks to desserts. You can also visit their website for more info.

This is not a paid advertisement.

I often order the Tapa Flakes because I really like the diced tomatoes and onions that go along with it. Ino, on the one hand, usually orders the Boneless Bangus. I also enjoy their Champorado because it is sweet and very delicious. My mouth is watering right now.

The Tapa King in our area is pretty small. Regular customers often visit this branch because of the food and also because it is worth the price. It just sucks that it is located in a flooded area in Mandaluyong. I hope that this branch won’t close because of the flood.

I would like to give it a 4 for a job well done. 🙂

February Favorite

Oh February! It seems like a year to me but in reality, it was just about 4 months.

Remember when I was so excited to plan my wedding? Hahaha! Ino proposed on December 25 and a few weeks after that excitement took over me and I don’t know. I really don’t know what happened to me. I just started contacting people and making plans.

Now that four months have passed, a lot has happened and I’m not sure if I’m still that excited. We stopped planning for a bit and decided to continue our lives as it is. It was Ino’s request to take things slowly. I’m fine with that but it’s June… I’m going to have my first wedding gown fitting… erm… measured? this month.

And that’s an instant update about my wedding preparations. Well, we’re not doing any preparations lately so that’s that.

In light of this post, Ino and I met with Ira to have our wedding planned. We decided to meet Ira at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in EDSA Shangri-La Mall. We went there ahead of time, so we had lunch first and decided to order a blueberry cheesecake, a Pure Double Chocolate ice blended drink and brewed coffee.




We haven’t met Ira yet for the first meeting because we haven’t reserved a church yet. We haven’t reserved the reception as well. Well… I hope it will be sorted out soon.

January Food Reviews!

I know that it’s already June 4, 2016! It’s half of the year already and I still have some backlogs from the first half of the year. So, here I am… trying to find some ways on how to deliver these food experiences that Ino and I had for the past 6 months.

First stop…

Hoolala Chicken


Samgyetang (Hoolala's Chicken)
Samgyetang (Hoolala’s Chicken)

I’ve been quite curious about Korean food ever since I got into the Korean culture. It has been over 4 years since I’ve worked in the ESL industry. Discovering the Korean culture, most especially their food is such an experience for me.

Aside from talking to different students everyday, I also enjoy eating Korean food. I first fell in-love with Bulgogi Soondobu Jjigae and Galbi Jjim. I love all kinds of Korean food and I really consider it as my stress reliever. 🙂 I used to hate eating spicy food but Korean food changed my perspective 360 degrees! No kidding!

Having said that, my students often recommend Samgyetang to me. They said that it is one of the most appropriate food for summer. So, I really got curious about how it tastes and initially thought that it tastes like our traditional Arroz Caldo (Congee) but boy, I was wrong.

According to MaangchiGinseng chicken soup (in Korean, Samgyetang) is a hot, steaming, delicious dish that features a small chicken stuffed with rice, ginseng, garlic, and  jujube.

I was quite bummed out when it wasn’t available at Seoul Korean Restaurant in Escriva, Ortigas, Pasig City. So I just promised myself that I’m going to try it out when it’s available in another Korean restaurant.

Fortunately, it is available in Hoolala Chicken House. It is located at Escriva Drive in Ortigas, Pasig City. I didn’t get to take some pictures at that time because Ino and I were too hungry. If I remember it right, Seoul Korean restaurant, refused to accommodate us at around 12 AM because they were closing at 1 AM. (We didn’t come back as often as we used to after that because of that experience.)

Oh well.. Hoolala Chicken House has a fast foodfeel. It is not as homey as Seoul, but it is more like a Korean version of Jollibee. They also sell Korean snacks, Kimchi, and other Korean snacks. They have two huge flat screen TVs which were installed on the different ends of the walls too.

The food was good. It was quite cheaper than Seoul but the taste is not equally satisfying. The staff are not as friendly too but it’s just right. I give it a 3.

The Samgyetang was really different from what I imagined it to be. I guess it was quite a let down. But hey, it’s just my first Samgyetang. Maybe I should try it out in a different restaurant next time.

All in all, the place was quite accessible. It’s a good place to visit most especially if your shift ends in 11 AM. It’s also a good thing that they are open from 10 AM to 2 AM.

Oh! According to, Grace Lee owns it along with her business partners, Paolo Bediones and Arnold Vegafria. I actually thought that it was owned by an ordinary Korean businessman or something. Well, that was a trivia for us. 🙂

If you are looking for a different Korean experience, I’m encouraging you to try it! 🙂

Next Stop…



Mozu Cafe

I’ve been working in Ortigas for years and I’ve been wondering about what this place is about. Ino and I occasionally pass by to this area because it is close to the ATM centers but we’ve never tried to hang out in this place EVER. All I know is that a lot of yuppies hang out, enjoy loud music, drink some beer and hear boisterous laughter whenever we pass by.

Luckily, Lyn is a party animal and she brings the party animal in me to drink occasionally and pour our hearts out. I actually miss her. 🙁


We used to talk about our careers, our family, our relationships and the lack of having one, etc. We talk about anything under the sun but she has to resign because of her full time job.

I think this was actually taken on her last day. She invited me to drink and unwind. I was really sad that she’s gone. I mean that she resigned. I really enjoyed our friendship and our mature conversations. It’s too bad that it was cut short because of priorities. Well, I hope to see her soon. 🙂

Anyway, Mozu has a variety of food that you can choose from. We often order the calamares while we drank some beer or some ladies’ drinks. Sometimes we order a slice of their cake.

I think my dining experience is not exactly enough for a review. If I’m going to rate their food, I think it wouldn’t be enough. The cake was gratifying but it costs quite a lot. The frappe was also satisfactory. However, I need to pay more visits to this place next time to give justice to this review. Hahaha! 🙂

If you are around the area and you are as curious as I was. I dare you to try it out and share your experience. 🙂

The Sunday Currently Vol. 9


It’s another Sunday! Ino and I just got back from Pulilan, Bulacan. It was a rainy week and according to the news, the rainy season has arrived!



I’m still reading Chapter 10 of Part 2 of The City of Bones. I know that it has been months since I re-read it and I haven’t finished it since. I’m also reading JamilleFumah’s latest chapter of Indecent Proposal on Wattpad. 


The vibrations of the electric fan and the humming of the air conditioner are keeping me company at this hour.


Thinking about my smartphone, Ino’s latest decision in his career, going to work alone, the rainy days, my future plans. Yup! Overthinking as of the moment.


I can’t smell anything in the room. Nothings stands out

Wishing and Hoping

Wishing and Hoping that this week would be better. I hope that things will work out fine and that the problems will be resolved.


Wearing a yellow daster. It really feels comfortable most especially when you’re about to sleep. 🙂


Loving that I passed the grammar test. 🙂 Also, loving that I was able to update my blog (kahit papaano.)


Wanting for this week to be less stressful. I want more time to relax. I need more time to blog. A week by myself? I mean a week at home alone. Haha! I miss having a me-time.


Needing more motivation to go to work. Seriously, I’m getting bored with work. I also need more motivation to do my weekly/ monthly schedule.


Feeling bitin because I didn’t get to enjoy the weekend as I want it to be. I didn’t have enough time to be online, didn’t have enough time to update stuff. Medyo badtrip because I didn’t get to enjoy my weekend in my own way. Instead nag-laba ako, konting online, tinamad, tapos eto…


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Komikon 2016





More than a month has passed since we went to Komikon 2016 at Bayanihan Center.

Ino and I were very excited to go to Komiket and Komikon. We were so excited that we missed Komiket 2016 because we thought that it was a two-day event. We went on a Sunday because we had a very tight schedule on Saturday due to the 2016 Bridal Fair at SM Mega Mall. We actually missed the date of the Komiket 2016 even though it was already published on Facebook. When we realized that we just wasted our taxi fare at that time, we decided to just go to SM Mega Mall’s Bridal Fair instead to scout for our wedding rings.

It was such a let down but Ino and I really tried our best to go to Komikon this year. And this time, we really checked the schedule on Facebook. We were wondering why they changed the schedule from a two-day event to a one-day event. However, we didn’t have a chance to ask anymore because the overwhelming feeling of being in a huge crowd got the best of me again.

I’m never a fan of huge crowds. I am not into conventions or cosplay events. I hate crowed places and noise. Certainly, it’s not my cup of tea.

During our first Komiket and Komikon, I really didn’t know what to expect. This is clearly not my scene and I don’t really know what it’s like to be in one. I was actually worried that I won’t like it and enjoy it.

First, because I’m not a comic book fan. I don’t enjoy drawing, painting or sketching or any artistic thing in general. But I just tried to enjoy it because Ino likes this and I also want to be a part of it. It was really a-going-out-of-my-comfort-zone moment.

It was actually interesting to be in a certain strange place. You don’t really know what to expect or what to do, so you can’t set some expectations. The fun thing about it is that you don’t know what’s coming to you and how it would be remarkable in your own opinion. For me, it became a benchmark of what I can expect in the years to come.

Having said that, I realized that I liked it and I enjoyed it because of several reasons:

  • Mr. Lyndon Gregorio!! – I’m a huge fan! My parents used to buy The Philippine Star everyday when I was still in Antipolo. I used to read Beerkada after reading the horoscope in the Entertainment section. :))
  • Comic book geeks! – I remember having a crush to one of the illustrators in Komiket 2015. Haha! Unfortunately he wasn’t around in last year’s Komikon and I can’t remember if we saw him this year.
  • T-shirts! – Oh, I bought three shirts! At that time, all I have in mind is buying shirts than buying comic books because I can use them more often than just reading them.
  • Cheap stickers! – The stickers range from P10 or 20 pesos (depending on the kind of paper that they used), up to P50. I remember buying P200 or P250 worth of stickers for actually thinking that 5 stickers costs P50 only. Crazy, right? But don’t worry because I enjoyed sticking it on my laptop. 🙂


It also helped me a lot in deciding about what to bring in my next Komiket/Komikon visit. I enjoyed taking photos at that time but as you can see, it is way fewer than before. There are not much duplicate copies anymore. My Kodak camera at that time was pretty small and my phone’s camera wasn’t able to take so much picture because the battery was almost running out.

It actually led me to impulse buy and pre-order a compact camera. 🙂 Yes, this event is the reason why I’m excited to blog again. 🙂 It is because I have a new device that I can use for my future blogging experience. 🙂

With Ino’s support, I will be able to document more important events. Actually, it is also one of the reasons why I have so much backlogs these days. But It’s fine because it is worth it. 🙂


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