Asia Pop Comic Con 2016

I totally forgot when we went, but I think it was on a Saturday, August 28, 2016.

(It was day 2 based on my entrance ticket / wrist sticker bracelet, so it was August 28, 2016 indeed.)

Ino reserved some tickets ahead of time for the Asia Pop Comic Con 2016 and I’m quite elated to be a part of this big event.

I used to think that I hate going to conventions because it’s always crowded and noisy. I used to think that the cosplayers are too many and too chaotic for my sanity but those misconceptions have changed over a period of time.

We’ve been attending conventions for quite some time and it has never disappointed us. Sure, there may be times when not much people attend the said komic kon but it’s still a win-win situation for me because I still hate huge crowds.

After going to our first Komic Kon, I decided to buy shirts as a memento for each event. I am the type who was not really into reading comic books as a child, so I’d rather have something useful that I can wear.

When we went to APCC, I really didn’t have any idea on what to expect. I was just thinking of going because I want to take pictures and make use of my point and shoot skills. I wasn’t  really thinking of the guests, or the people who will go there. But when we saw Toto Madayag, I instantly felt home. It’s as if we are really at the right place and not just wandering about and waiting for things to happen.

Being my excited self, I took pictures as soon as we got there. (Naks, look at my memory. I can remember all these things when it happened almost 2 months ago. Sometimes, slacking when it comes to having the urge to write right away in order for you not to forget about real time events and letting the mañana habit take most of your life – where you almost feel like you don’t need the importance of writing it anymore, have its perks.)

Ino still wants to roam around and check out the booths at that time, but I was busy being my stubborn self. So I took photos of things that are in front of me without really knowing what is going on. Sometimes, I just do things impulsively and so randomly that I forget that I need to ask and be more interested in what’s going on.

So, aside from the booths, there were also some activities in the area. I also remember watching a Cosplay event with Ino and taking my first video from my new digicam. However, I don’t really feel the need to post it here.

We also got some free Kimy Krazy Banana Surprise on the event. We also checked out some cool shirts and some interesting stuff on the booths. It was so much fun!

I’m actually glad that Ino and I went to this event. That was the latest event that we’ve been to. I’m looking forward for more fun and exciting adventures with Ino.

For the mean time, please enjoy these photos that I took on the event:


For those who need this:


There was just this one time that I needed to tell him how I feel. One time… when I felt that there was lacking, almost running out, and about to be missing, my fear and insecurity got the best of me.

My fears got the best of me. My insecurity has taken over me. And before I could stop myself, it has already caused chaos between us.

What I was trying to do was to get him back and resolve our problems. I wanted him back. I wanted all of him. All of his time. I was trying to tell him how I feel, when we started arguing. The difference in tone combined with bitterness and anger has enveloped the room. The things I wanted to repair have just gotten worse. Some irreparable, some things we couldn’t take back.


I found myself crying silent tears which became louder and louder. I found myself crying all night. I literally cried myself to sleep and when I woke up, I started sobbing again. He wanted to know what’s happening and what the problem was. But I couldn’t find the words to explain to him how I feel and how I am envisioning our relationship.

He told me that he was unhappy because I was micromanaging him. All the while, I thought that I am just showing concern. However, it didn’t occur to me that I was micromanaging him. I unintentionally hurt him. And he’s not happy anymore.

I didn’t know where to stand. I don’t know where we are or how our relationship would last. What would happen after this? What would become of our relationship? What will happen to us? What will happen to our relationship as we are getting close to getting married?

I am so scared to lose him. To lose everything in our relationship. To begin again. To start from scratch. I felt so scared to do things all over again. To see him with someone else. To find him doing things with someone else. To find him happy with someone else. Thoughts cloud my mind and all I ever wanna do is end my life.

All I know at that time was that I’m very sad. That I don’t want to wake up tomorrow. That I want to end this pain. So I grabbed a knife and almost slashed my wrist. And he found me. Took the knife away and stopped me from what I was supposed to do.

I was thinking of other ways to end my life that night. I was considering taking the poison from a medicine bottle. However, the thought of having the poison in my body and failing to kill myself made me think of the effects it would do to my body. I felt even more helpless and I found myself drowning in my own tears and my own thoughts. I felt so alone. I felt so helpless.

I didn’t know where to go. I can’t put my thoughts into words that night. He kept on asking me what’s going on and I can’t bring myself to talk. I can’t even tell him how messed up my thoughts are. It’s like a part of me was dying every second, every minute, every time.

I almost killed myself and I itch to play with that knife again. I am beyond self-pity but I am not yet ready to fail again in my next attempt. I was thinking of doing it again this morning. But my tired eyes and body didn’t let me. I was also scared to die.

I was just asking for time. I was asking it because he has his own world now and he’s doing the things he want to do. He has a life and I don’t. All I do is go to work and go home and stay at home on my rest days. It made me feel that I’m competing with his friends / his co-workers. It made me feel that he is moving on in his life and I’m left on the same spot. His lack of time made me feel that I am getting left behind. He also ignores me when we’re together which adds up to my paranoia. My thoughts have gone haywire after that. Insecurity has swallowed me whole.

This afternoon, I had already taken a shower when I felt the need to stay at home, waste my time in bed and wallow in tears. Some part of me wants to go to work to forget how bad I feel and how lonely I am. A part of me wants to stay at home and embrace the miserable feeling that I am feeling. My conscious mind is telling me that I can’t afford to be absent at work today and that I can’t afford to add troubles to my work now. That is the only thing that I have. That’s the only stable thing that I have right now and I can’t jeopardize it no matter how broken I am.

My consciousness won over my miserable thoughts. I went to work without bringing my gadgets. I was supposed to leave my phone and my powerbank but I am already late to work and I need to tell my team leader where I am so that I can inform him about my whereabouts. I ended up bringing my phone and powerbank to work.

I still informed Ino that I was headed to work. We eventually exchanged messages on hangouts and sort of patched things up.

My current plan is to go home alone. I won’t mind him to fetch me anymore. He must be busy. He must need more time to finish his work and after all the stress that I put him through, perhaps, he can’t fetch me again today.

I was trying to talk myself to it. That things have changed and that he may not do the same things that he used to do. I may have been somewhere in his list of priorities. He said he’s going to try to limit his time for himself to give time for me.

It just pains me that he needs to sacrifice his time for himself, for his enjoyment, to be with me. Or that our time to be together or his time to be with me must be sacrificed so that he can do the things that he want to do.

Yeah, we are now in that part of the relationship. Where I find myself asking what has happened the whole time and what happened to the time he used to spend with me? Why does it feel like I need to beg for his time now that we are about to get married? And certain thoughts have crossed my mind about what would happen to us if this problem continues.

I still don’t know where I stand. I still don’t know where to go. All I know is I want to fix this. I want to be with him. I don’t want to break up with him. But I’m not sure if he still needs me. If he still wants me. Or if he’s still happy with me.

He said that he always considers me in everything he does. That whenever he sents me messages, he shows concern and time for me. But that was all there is to it. When I go home or when I arrive at home, he’s usually busy with work and Facebook and other things. When he gets back to me, he’s always hot headed and irritated. Sometimes, I am not doing anything but he just gets angry. I tend to ask why and we’re back to arguing.

I’m so confused and I feel exhausted. I don’t know what’s left in this relationship. If he ever sees these things. If he ever noticed. If he ever cares.

I’m so far gone in his priorities. I feel so left alone. I don’t know where to start or how to pick up where we left off. Or where to even begin.

My subconscious is telling me something again. I am just choosing not to listen to it. I’m so close to giving up. I’m so close to letting go. I’m so close to leaving myself behind as well. I don’t really know what to do with my life anymore.



Break muna ako sa pag-susulat ng English. Matagal na ding nag-bago ang style ko sa pag-susulat. Nakakamiss din yung mag-k-kwento ka lang kasi wala lang, trip mo lang.

So… medyo nag-hiatus ako sa pag-susulat kasi na-pre-occupy ako sa pag-babasa at panunuod ng series. Naging busy din ako sa buhay-buhay na nakwento ko na duon sa previous page ko. Bukod sa malapit nang mapanis ang 1 year na pag-babayad ni Ino sa domain na ‘to, naisipan ko na din na gamitin ito ulit dahil kinukulit na rin ako ng mga SEO kyeme dahil weak daw ang style ko sa pag-susulat at hindi daw ako makaka-attract ng readers sa ginagawa kong style ng pag-b-blog.

Actually, wala na akong pakielam kung may maattract man ako o wala sa blog ko. I think wala ngang soul yung blog ko nitong mga nakaraan dahil puro reviews at pag-kain ang sinusulat ko dito. At aminin ko man o hindi, most ng sinusulat ko dito tungkol sa mga lakad namin ni Ino.

So, maiba naman… eto, susubukan kong mag-kwento ng buhay ko sa paraan na hindi naman ako masyadong mapapagod. Hindi ko naman sinasabing nakakapagod ang mag-salita ng English. Ang sinasabi ko lang, minsan nakakapagod lang talagang mag-sulat. Nakakawala  ng muse at nakaka-tamad.

Salamat nga pala sa Kopiko 78 at ngayon e, mulat ako sa ganap na alas dos ng umaga. Yun kasi ang pinanulak ko nung hapunan. So, ang kinalabasan, eto Boom gising!

Hindi ko din alam kung may ma-aattract akong Filipino readers sa ganitong uri ng pag-susulat. Wala pa nga akong readers o followers dito. Yun pa naman ang goal ko nung mag-simula akong mag-sulat dito. Ang haba pa nga ng intro ko and everything. Nag-kalkal pa ako ng mga posts sa iba’t-ibang blogging platforms ko. Sa sobrang safe, ayun! Nilangaw.

Mali ata yung term ko na wala akong paki-elam. Meron naman. ‘Yun nga lang, after a few months naramdaman kong insincere at walang soul yung blog ko. Walang sustansya at bland. So, naisipan ko na lang daanin sa sulat ang oras kong Boom gising! Parang lasing din ang pakiramdam ko ngayon.

Masaya din ako kahit papa’no kasi nakapasa ako sa grammar test kahit na alam ko naman sa sarili kong this week lang ako nag-review. 70% petiks, 30% cramming sa review. Pero naka 27/30 pa din naman ako.

So far, wala naman akong ibang ma-k-kwento. Tuloy nanaman ang pag-p-plano namin ni Ino sa kasal at ayun, asa ospital pa si papa. Bukod diyan wala namang ibang interesting na ganap.

Pero gusto ko sanang balikan ang pag-susulat. Iba pa din kasi yung sinusulat mo yung mga nararamdaman mo, mga gusto mo, mga nararanasan mo at mga gusto mo pang mangyayari sa ibang pag-kakataon. Nakakamiss SUMIGAW SA UNIVERSE.

At eto na nga, sumisigaw na ako. Well, nag-t-type. Nag-nonobela at hindi pa inaantok. Astig talaga ang Kopiko 78. Woot! Free advertising! 

Isang araw na lang tapos weekend na! Pero tinatamad pa rin akong pumasok ng medyo slight. Sweldo na nga pala bukas! WOW! Motivation! XD

Medyo jirits din ako sa mga ka-opisina ko dahil sa ingay nila. Parang gusto kong bumalik sa dati kong pwesto para mas makapag-concentrate. Naiingayan ako sa paandar nila. Lalo na’t tumataas na ang TSR ko. Haha. 🙂

PMSing lang siguro ako dahil malapit na ako mag-karoon. At pressured dahil nag-sstart na nga kami sa preparation ng kasal.


Anu-ano nga ba ang pwede ko pang isulat lalo na’t may halos 3 buwan pa ako para sulitin ang domain ko?

Matagal-tagal na din pala akong walang commentary. Siguro sa susunod dapat isulat ko ang opinion ko about child rearing: being bilingual can translate into school performace (re:grades) and yung mga pinsan o pamangkin mong nag-sasalamin na at a very young age thanks to technology.

Yung malabo kong plano sa pag-reresign. Iniisip ko kasi yung bayarin ko. At the same time, iniisip ko din kung kakayanin ko ba ang part-time / home based sched at pag-g-gym next year. Lalo na ang pag-aasikaso ng aming wedding.

Medyo sumadsad na din ang energy ko kaya maya-maya ay matutulog na din ako. For the mean time, ititigil ko muna ‘to. Babalik na lang ako sa pag-k-kwento pag-katapos ng ilang araw.


Wala pa pala akong Sunday Currently. Nakakatamad kasi gumawa ng cover photo. Wala din akong featured image para sa entry na ‘to dahil tatamarin nanaman ako. For sure.


My apologies…

This is a late post.

This happened on July 15, 2016. This was right after our shift and I was so excited to be going to this place that I impulsively took some pictures even if my phone was about to ran out of batteries. Yep, I wasn’t able to charge my phone at that time. Did I have a powerbank? I think I didn’t. It also sucks because I didn’t bring my camera at that time. I really should make it a point that I bring my camera whenever I go out. It’s going to be useless in the long run if I don’t.

Aiden, my team mate invited us over to Sonamoo, a Korean mart in Ortigas, Pasig City, to eat some Korean noodles and hang out. I think this was before he treated us for some Popsicles because he was already resigning at that time.

So back to Sonamoo…

Day 51 of #100happydays Hanging out with the 1940 team and @inomon

A photo posted by Franchesca (@cheskinita) on

It was my first time to go to a Korean mart. So the curious in me, made me take some dark shots in the mart. I was too excited. I spent around P1000 because I had a Korean food haul on that day. Remind me not to be overly excited about everything for the first time. I tend to do so many crazy shit when I am excited and I tend to regret it afterwards. Anyhow, we were able to enjoy the food.

Dr. Aloe is our favorite drink and I got even more excited when I got to try the Honey Butter Chips that my students were talking about. I immediately bought two. However, it wasn’t the kind of taste that I was going for. Luckily, Ino liked it and actually enjoyed it.

52nd of #100happydays Kevin's honey butter chips!

A photo posted by Franchesca (@cheskinita) on

I got some instant Jajangmyeon for my midnight snack. I drained the water on the mart’s kitchen and was able to enjoy the sweet and salty taste of the black bean noodles. However, I wasn’t able to take any pictures because my phone has already died at that time.


Here are some of the photos that I’ve taken:



September Update.

65th of #100happydays After watching Train to Busan

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Whoa! Two months of not uploading or writing anything, huh? Sorry about that.

I’ve been pretty busy with life and I admit that I got too lazy to write anything. I stopped updating my blog since we went to Sonamoo in Centerpoint Bldg. in Ortigas because I find it such a task to accomplish. I’m still contemplating whether I’m gonna post it today or next time or on the next time that I will remember it.

And here I am, planning to be a part-time teacher and a part-time blogger next year. Way to go, self!

Well to catch up:

Ino was actually planning to “just check out” some DSLRs in Trinoma or in Quiapo but we ended up in Glorietta because the store that he found online also has a branch in Glorietta 3. The “checking out” turned into buying his own DSLR.

After buying the DSLR, we headed to the cinema and decided to watch Train To Busan. He actually gave me a choice on whether to watch Cheats in Katipunan or watch Train to Busan in Glorietta.

I honestly want to watch Cheats play. I was wearing a comfortable shirt, a pair of shorts, and sneakers. I also brought my camera in case, we decide to watch Cheats play. However, I haven’t read Saab’s blog in a while and I think I’ve missed some parts of her life already. I still listen to her band’s songs on Spotify but I haven’t been to her Twitter, Instagram or her blog since early this year. I kinda felt that I don’t know much about what”s going on with her life that’s why I decided to watch Train to Busan instead. After all, I need to get back to reality really soon. Hey Monday, that’s you!

So… Train to Busan…

It was a very good movie. We enjoyed it very much and it was a very good Saturdate night spent.  I totally recommend the movie. The make up, the CGI, the actors and the stunts were to watch for. Money well spent on this movie. I enjoyed it a lot considering that Chuseok has just finished last Friday.

On other news, I heard that Papa B is now recovering from his operation. He had a four-hour operation this afternoon. We are planning to go to Antipolo tomorrow. And nope, he isn’t the reason why I haven’t blogged in a while.

Oh! Apart from the fact that it was around June or July when my plan was disconnected, I am so happy to inform you that I’m free of debt so far! I have finally paid my Globe Bill after almost three months. The worrying will only continue after I paid my PLDT Bill.

I also went back to church recently. I at least try to go to church religiously in my own volition.

Sometimes having a relationship with Ino is frustrating, challenging, and quite complex but I am trying my best to understand him and let go of some things affecting his mood.

I stopped going to the gym too and I can feel that I’m gaining weight again. I missed my laser session this month. I had my tooth extracted last August.

The team building was a blast.

Mama S is going to go back to Taytay for Kelly today. I’ve already talked to my sister and told her that she should take care of our mom. I don’t want her to experience those conflicts again. I also would like her to be able to eat well and be happy with Kelly. Unfortunately, I won’t  be able to see her often. However, it would mean that I might not need to pay for her electric bill again.

My only concern was that we bought her a fan but she can’t use it because she’s going to stay in Taytay starting today. I will miss her but I will call her more often.

Hmmmm… what else?

I haven’t continued with my wedding plans yet. I haven’t called the dressmaker yet. I should have done that over the long holiday but I was actually worried about the down payment for the first fitting. I was worried because Papa is still in the hospital and I know that I won’t be able to ask him for some money because of his surgery.

Some problems are still piling up but hopefully things will keep me sane. I also hope that I will be able to finish everything that I need to accomplish. It’s going to be back to work, back to reality on Monday.

I also hope that things will progress as the days go by.

I don’t think that I have improved much for the past three month. In my opinion, I have slacked a lot and was very relaxed. I have to be more responsible and more motivated to work. I’ve wasted enough money and time and a bunch of excuses to cover it up. Hopefully, I can gradually get back to work and get back in shape in the upcoming months.

Due to these reasons, I haven’t updated my Sunday Currently. But, Sunday has just started so I might write about it later.

How about you? What have you been up to lately?

The Sunday Currently Vol. 13

Weekend is almost over and that means that my 3-day leave is already done. Actually, Sunday has just begun, but I’m writing this now because I may not have enough time to write later.

I spent most of my 3-day leave at home. Doing house chores and enjoying a bit of my me time. I spent half of it writing some updates on Twisted, catching up on some Korean TV series, playing some games and most of it in oversleeping and not sleeping on time.

Not very healthy, huh?

I haven’t posted much of my Sunday happenings because I got veerrryy lazy and I just didn’t feel like writing anything at all. But, I’m back. So, let’s get started.

Here’s my Sunday Currently:


It really has been ages since I’ve written anything here. I’m already on Chapter 23, which is about Valentine. I can feel the ending of this book and it’s taking me longer than expected because I’ve started reading a Filipino version of 50 Shade of Grey. At the same time, I’m also trying to read the English version on my tablet.


I can still hear the vibrations of the electric fan, and the voice over on the TV.  


Thinking about the upcoming grammar test. I haven’t read anything or reviewed for it. I only have less than a week to start reading and reviewing.


I can smell the scent of soup and shampoo because I just took a shower.

Wishing and Hoping

STILL Wishing and Hoping that this week would be more productive and less stressful. I hope I’ll be able to survive the working week without slacking or getting tired of going to work.

I think I’ve been writing this for a few weeks already and it still hasn’t changed. It’s slowly becoming my mantra. 

I’m also wishing and hoping that I’d get through this week without feeling so negative about things. I hope that the test won’t bother me that much so I can still work on the things that I need to concentrate on better.

I also hope and wish that I pass the test with flying colors. 🙂


Wearing a long red sleeveless nightgown to bed.


Loving that I was able to relax this week. I feel quite energized to work and I miss my team! 🙂


 I want to have this theme done already. At the same time, I just want to get the test done and over with.


I need to pay my bills in full. Seriously, I don’t want to have any problems with my budget anymore. It sucks.


Feeling excited to be with friends again. Looking forward to the salary day. Looking forward to chatting with my students. Feeling nervous about the test. So, yeah.. mixed emotions.


Clicking through my previous TSC.

How about you? What are you doing? Link up & share your Sunday Currently on Sidda Thornton’s blog. :)

PUCHA E’DI KOMIKS and Brothers Burger

Disclaimer: This is going to be written in my native tongue. I’ve been writing in English since I started blogging here because I want to reach out to my followers who are from foreign countries. However, blogging has become a task to me lately and it sometimes makes me feel lazy to update. So, for this entry.. I’m planning to write in Tagalog. 

If you have any questions, don’t be shy to send a comment or ask me on my ASK BOX.

July 9, 2016 — Ni-launch ni Toto Madayag ang komik book niyang P*CHA E’di Komiks sa Comic Odyssey Fully Booked Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Dahil na rin sa may kailangan pang ayusin si Ino sa kaniyang trabaho, dumiretso muna kami sa Hampton Gardens para asikasuhin iyon. Halos mag-aalas kwatro na nang makarating kami sa BGC. Umuulan pa kaya medyo hassle. Pero nung nasa loob na kami ng Fully Booked, medyo nabuhayan na ako ulit ng loob.

Kagaya nung mga nakaraang isinulat ko dito, hindi ako fanatic ng komik books. Hindi ko nakasanayang mag-basa ng mga komiks. Sa katunayan nga, mga high school na ata ako nag-karoon ng interes sa pag-babasa.

Hindi man ako super fan ng comic books, natutunan ko na ding maging interesado kahit papa’no dahil kay Ino. Una kaming nag-punta ng Komiket nuong nakaraang taon. Sumunod naman nuong Komikon, ilang buwan makalipas ang Komiket last year.

Ngayong taon, hindi namin naabutan ang Komiket dahil hindi pala ito 2-day event. Sunday kami pumunta ng Centris at walang nadatnang Komiket, umuwi kaming sawi at dumiretso na lang ng Bridal Fair sa Mega Mall dahil du’n kami nag-punta nung Sabado nung linggong ‘yun.

Nakaabot naman kami sa Komikon pero masasabi kong mas madaming tao ata ang nakapunta ngayong taon. Hindi ko ma-ikumpara ang dalawang event dahil yung una ay 2-days ulit ginanap at etong ngayong taon naman, isang araw lang. So, parang walang choice yung mga tao kung hindi pumunta na lang nung araw na ‘yun dahil wala na, e. Yun na yun. Pero ramdam ko naman ang success ng Komikon. Aba! Pangalawang beses ko atang nakita at nahingan ng autograph si Sir Lyndon Gregorio ng Beerkada, kaya ang saya ko!

Pero balikan natin yung komik book launch ni Sir Toto Madayag.




Pasensiya na sa mga blurred lines at sa mga duplicate files. Sa katunayan kasi ay tinatamad talaga akong mag-sulat ngayon. Medyo nahihiya kasi akong kumuha ng litrato dahil baka masita ako. Alam niyo naman, hindi naman ako kilalang blogger. #Feelingblogger lang.

Atsaka, hindi talaga ako masyadong kumportable sa pag-kuha ng litrato sa pampublikong lugar kaya ganito ang kinalabasan. In fairness naman, okay naman siya para sa akin. Sorry na lang kasi hindi ako professional photographer. Naiintindihan ko naman at tanggap kong hindi ako magaling sa larangan ng picture taking. Pero one of these days, pag-aaralan ko ‘yan. Serious.


So, eto ang ayaw ko sa pag-taTagalog, e. Ang dami kong side comment and side kwento. So, asan na nga ba tayo? … Ah! Sa komik book launch!

Nakita niyo naman ‘yung mga pictures, di ba? Actually first time kong pumunta du’n. At ang unang mga salitang nabanggit ko ay “The Saab Magalona Experience.” Nakalimutan ko na yung eksaktong last word, pero nasabi ko ‘yun dahil sa isa sa mga videos niya sa YouTube na parang nag-tour siya duon o may kung ano man o sino man siyang pinakita duon. Bukod pa ito sa entry niya tungkol sa writer ng Crazy Rich Asians na si Kevin Kwan.

So, si Saab ang una kong naisip nung mapadpad kami duon. Medyo inasam ko nga na makita siya duon kaso wala, e. Hindi ko siya natyempohan. As if namang duon siya namamalagi, e ‘noh?

So… back to the komik book launch…

Siyempre, hindi ako masyadong excited dahil hindi ko naman talaga alam kung ano ang ieexpect sa komik book launch ni Mr. Madayag. Una, kasi hindi ko lubos na inakalang ilang floors pala yung Fully Booked duon. Eto yung mga tipo nang lugar na gugustuhin mong bisitahin ng madalas kung may kotse ka lang at hindi trapik o hindi aksayado sa oras at gasolina ang trapik para lang makapunta duon. So, in short… isa ito sa mga trip kong puntahan bukod sa mga lugar tulad ng Route 196 (na hindi ko pa napupuntahan) at Saguijo (na isang beses ko pa lang napuntahan.)

Balik sa kwento…

Dahil sa ang dami kong commercials, ayun… hinagilap namin yung event. Akala namin tapos na kasi parang wala namang kagulo sa una, pangalawa at pangatlong palapag. So, dahil kawawa naman yung kasama kong nag-pareserve ng komik book isang buwan o mahigit bago ang nakatakdang komik book launching, sinuyod pa namin ulit yung lugar.

Maswerteng nahanap namin yung Comic Odyssey sa 4th floor. Tahimik at wala masyadong hype yung lugar nung nakarating kami. Nasabi ko iyon kasi kahit papaano, naimagine ko na kasing dami ng tao ng book launch ni Stanley Chi sa National Book Store ng Edsa Shangri-La ang event ni Mr. Madayag.

Pero, sa estima ko, mga komik book fans naman talaga yung mga naroon at hindi yung mga katulad kong walang alam sa pinapasok nila. Este, hindi katulad kong nakikiuso lang sa paandar ni Ino. Biased ako dito dahil hindi kami nakarating ng 1PM. Aminado kami duon dahil nga nag-punta pa kami ng Hampton Gardens.

Pero, kung wala siyang ibang lakad, ang saya siguro kung nakarating kami ng 1 PM. Dahil na rin sa wala akong alam sa Libreng Komiks, nag-picture picture na lang ako.

Gusto pa sanang mag-stay ni Ino kaso nung ako naman yung gustong lumibot sa YA section, nag-inarte siya at niloko loko ako. At dahil napikon ako, umalis na lang kami ng Fully Booked at kumain. Kasi hindi pa kami kumakain nuong araw na ‘yun.

So, nag-hanap kami ng makakainan na malapit lang sa Fully Booked. Madaming magagandang restos na pwedeng pag-pilian pero dahil ayoko namang sumubok nang hindi kilala (except na lang kung Korean resto ito,) pinili na lang namin yung Brothers Burger sa hilera ng Fully Booked.

Halos nawala na sa isip ko yung kumuha ng picture dahil medyo umuulan nuong panahong ‘yun. Gutom na kami at hindi namin alam ang oorderin dahil first time customers kami.

Siyempre, kapag wala kang alam sa isang bagay, ang pinaka-magandang gawin ay mag-tanong. So, dahil wala naman akong ka-alam-alam sa mga pinag-kaiba ng mga burgers nila nag-tanong ako. Hindi ko nga lang nagustuhan yung tono at sagot sa akin nung staff nila.

Eto na yung review ko, ah:

Sa isang establishment na nag-c-cater sa mga customers whether service man ang pino-provide nila or products, importanteng-importante ang knowledge ng staff sa service or products nila.

Natural lang sa isang customer na curious sa produkto o service ang subukan at tangkilikin ang mga iinoofer ng mga establishments na ito. Dito rin nasusubok ang kakayahan ng staff na i-explain sa customer ang products or services nila. Nasa paraan din ng staff na i-explain ang mga kailangang malaman ng customer para ma-enganyo itong bumili o para ma-enganyo itong subukan ang ibinibenta nila.

Meron akong nabasang article tungkol sa leadership. Diniscuss duon ang tangible things at intangible things. Sa summary nung article, sinasabi duon na hindi lamang profit ang mahalaga sa isang businessman. Pati na rin ang kaligayahan ng mga staff nito na pumasok sa trabaho at mag-silbi sa customers. Ang staff din ang isa sa mga dahilan kaya bumabalik o hindi na bumabalik ang mga customers.

Ang problema nga lang sa staff ng Brothers Burger dito, katulad sila ng karamihan ng staff ng CD-R King, may pag-ka-masungit at wala sa lugar. Wala sa lugar in a sense na, kung nag-tanong ka ng maayos, ineexpect mong sasagutin ka ng maayos at hindi barubal.

Nakaka-turn off yun kung tutuusin. Pero pinalagpas ko na lang dahil gutom na kami ni Ino.

So, nag-order na kami at inenjoy na lang yung pagkain nila. Actually, hindi ko masyadong nagustuhan yung inorder kong burger na sinabi nung staff na malambot ang meat at blah blah blah. Siguro na-apektuhan na ang panlasa ko dahil sa approach nung babae sa akin or siguro hindi ko lang talaga type yung pag-kain. Parang, nanghinayang ako sa binayad ni Ino.

Kung alam ko lang na hindi kasing satisfying yung service at yung food na ma-e-experience namin dito, sana nag-Japanese ramen na lang kami or nag-Wendy’s na lang kami.

Binibigyan ko ng 2 and a half stars ang Brothers Burger dahil sa dissatisfaction ko sa customer handling ng staff nila.

Naisip ko lang din, “Paano kaya kung mystery shopper ako?” Siguro, isang malaking kahihiyan sa franchise owner ang magiging feedback ko sa kanila. O siguro, hindi naman ganun kalaking kahihiyan, pero ito ay magiging isang experience na medyo maka-aapekto sa impression ko sa brand nila.

Kaya nga sinasabi kong baka itong branch lang na ito ang may pag-kakamali. Anyway, sana ay hindi na ito maranasan pa ng ibang potential customers na excited at curious sa products and services nila.

At Home On A Friday

I’ve been away for quite a while. I know and I may not be sorry for missing a few days of not posting anything here.

I have been pretty occupied with several things these past few days. I noticed that I haven’t been writing anything personal aside from my food trips and other reviews.

I’ve been quite unattached to this blog because I don’t want to trouble you with my daily dramas in life. I realized as I age, that some things should be kept private. So that others won’t have any opportunity to pry on my personal life.

I noticed that I’ve been too busy writing about places I’ve been to but not about how I am feeling. I just didn’t feel the need to write it.

I’ve been busy with mobile games and reading books. I’ve been hooked with The Mortal Instrument’s City of Bones. I’m on Pal rt 3 and I’m almost finished with the first book. However, I was side tracked by the Filipino version of Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James.

I also know that I am a few years late. This book has been made into a movie and I’m just starting to read it in Tagalog. Why? Because I got curious and as my by line says. I am the cat.

So far, I’m on Chapter 6 page 118. I haven’t read the dirty parts yet. I’m on my way there but I’m ready.

You must be wondering why I bought the Filipino version? It’s because sex is more titillating when it’s written in your native language. For me, it gives a different twist to the story and how it is being narrated.

Words that are easier to understand can make you imagine things that you might miss on an English book. Imagination can bring you to more places if you know what you are reading about. And for me that’s what makes it sexy as well as intriguing. So, that’s Fifty Shades of Grey for you.

Flood and heavy rains also caused me to stay at home and work at home. I’m blogging because I have some time to spare.

And oh! I discovered a new series from Lifetime. It’s called Unreal and I am getting hooked. Season 2 is better than the first one. 🙂 I can’t wait ’til Tuesday.

It’s PLL season once again! And as much as I love this show, I hate how they are going in this season. It is supposed to be a season of answers but they are just making more questions in this season. It’s getting meh for me.

Seriously… breaking up and getting back together after several seasons. It’s normal. Letting one of your best friends date your ex? Not cool. Cece being A and getting killed? Ok. Someone else hunting A’s killer and pointing it to the girls? So, it’s like Season 1 all over again. It’s getting boring already. They need to end it this season.

Well, that’s about it. I spent most of my time binge watching TV series from High Kick Season 3 to Unreal, up to reading books from City of Bones to Fifty Shades Of Grey. I also got tired of playing MMORPG on my phone that’s why I’m back.

I guess, writing about my personal everyday things is not that bad. 🙂

Post Anniversary Date At The Hampton Gardens

Last Saturday, June 18, 2016, Ino and I celebrated our post anniversary date at The Hampton Gardens. We were supposed to celebrate at the same place on our 7th year anniversary. However, I got terribly sick on the day of our date so we decided to just postpone it.

We left Citihomes around 3:30 PM to 4 PM and arrived in THG at around 4:30 PM. We just dropped our things at Lawrence’s unit and we headed to the swimming pool. We swam for about 30-45 minutes and decided to grab a bite nearby THG.

There were a couple of places that Ino was raving about. First was the burger place and the second was the very affordable Tapsihan, Tapsi Sa Palatiw, near Stella Maris Pasig.

We headed to the burger place first because we were supposed to have burgers and shakes for snacks. However, it was still closed when we dropped by. Closed at 5 PM? Hahaha.. Pretty weird, right? Ino said that the burger place usually opens around 6 PM and closes at 2-3 PM.  So, since it is still closed, we just went to the other place that he was raving about.


I let him choose the kind of Tapsi that he wants to order since he recommended the place. It was my first time to go there so I really didn’t know what to expect. I’ve eaten at several Tapsihans and Tapsi sa Palatiw’s Tapsilog was just right for me. For a very affordable price, the Tapsi was not a miss but it wasn’t as stellar as Tapa King’s.  It was actually a hit for me because it is a go-to-place if you are looking for a budget friendly dine in experience.

Aside from the Tapsi, we also ordered a couple of barbecue sticks. It would have been better if they reheated it. The meat was already quite cold and difficult to chew so I wasn’t able to enjoy it as much.

The Tapsilog costs P31 pesos per meal and the barbecue costs around P10 to P12 per stick.

The dining experience was comfortable. The place was spacious. Not many people dined in when we went there but that’s because it’s a Saturday and it’s not really the high time for people to eat dinner or eat rice and a viand for snacks.

I will still go back and try their chicken meal if I were given a chance. For a cost effective experience, I would rate this affordable restaurant a 3.

Tapsi sa Palatiw is located at Stella Maris Ave, Pasig, 1607 Metro Manila.

Off to our next stop, Ino chose another place for desserts.




For P25, I get to Swirl to The Max!!!

It isn’t obvious that it was my first time to ever go to Lawson. 🙂

It was actually not my first time because Ino and I had tried it before at Legarda, Manila a few months ago. But let me just enjoy this post because it is worth writing. 🙂

I’ve tried several ice creams from different marts like 7-Eleven, Ministop, Family Mart, and Circle K. I’d definitely choose Circle K’s vanilla ice cream over Family Mart’s.

My curiosity started when I’ve read about Lawson’s Charcoal Ice Cream from Mati Serrano‘s blog and DomesticUrbanite‘s blog. Both of them are foodies or food enthusiasts and reading about their recipes and food trips from time to time helped me discover new places and new dishes to try. Reading their blog posts about Lawson’s Charcoal Ice Cream made me think that it must be something that I, myself, should try.

At the same time, my resident bully and fiance, told me that he has already tried the Charcoal Ice Cream before which made me green with envy. I was very curious at that time but I don’t know where Lawson is in Ortigas.

So, here I am. Looking like a first timer because I really am. 🙂

The Charcoal Ice Cream experience was delightful! It was fun to eat although it messed my teeth (which Ino made fun of) because of the charcoal. For P25, it wasn’t that bad. It is now my 2nd favorite next to Circle K’s.

Looking at Lawson’s selection, I can say that they have more stocks than 7-Eleven and sometimes Mercury Drug. They offer different kinds of stuff from toiletries to different instant food. I was actually amazed with the toiletries because there’s a lot to choose from.

I had to compare because I’ve been waiting for Ino at 7-Eleven for almost half the year after I tired myself out from hanging out at Mc Donald’s several months ago. It was something that I have to write about since that habit will eventually end by the end of June. Hopefully.

So, going back to the Charcoal Ice Cream experience, I would say that I’d like to give it a 4 for trying. It was definitely something new and something refreshing to try on a hot summer or rainy day. 🙂


We went to ELITE NAILS HAND, FOOT AND BODY SPA after taking a rest at THG.

Just focus on the toes, please. Don’t focus on how fat my feet are. 🙁

I think Ino reads my posts and take my Sunday Currentlies to heart. I remember one Sunday Currently post where I’ve written something about needing some pampering. I think he didn’t miss that post because he treated me to a nail care experience at the Elite Nails Spa on our post Saturdate Anniversary celebration.

We inquired about their nail services first before we decided to book a pedi session before we went to Tapsi sa Palatiw and Lawson. My usual dilemma in inquiring about a product or a service to a clerk or a sales representative is their ability to explain the product or service that they are selling and how knowledgeable they are in what their products or services are.

I was pretty satisfied with Elite Nails’s attendant because he was able to explain the differences of the services that they offer. It was clear and what I just needed to hear, so as a result, I was able to choose right away on which service I’m going to avail.

Ater taking a rest at the Hampton, we headed to Elite Nails for a Luxurious Dead Sea Salt Pedicure.

We waited for almost half an hour but that’s okay because the place was well air conditioned and had a relaxing vibe. The attendant and the staff were friendly and very accommodating. ‘Though they have a separate staff assigned for the Foot Spa and another for the Pedicure, it’s okay. I don’t have any qualms on it.

The Luxurious Dead Sea Salt Pedicure costs around P390. I had an additional OPI Nail Polish worth P50 to P60 because the staff said it lasts two weeks longer than an ordinary nail polish so I gave it a go.

It was actually worth it. The foot spa was good because the staff really tried to scrape off my dry skin and callouses. She was very hardworking and was very friendly too. I admit that her job was very difficult and given that it’s almost dinner time, I give props to her good service because she didn’t hastily do her job. I felt that I’m getting the service that is worth what I’m paying for so I didn’t regret giving her a tip.

The pedicure, which I was expecting to be painful was very painless. The staff who attended to me was very careful and checks on my reaction from time to time. It was not painful so it was okay. She also followed my request about not using a nail file because I hate the feeling of it scratching my nails. I also gave her a tip for taking care of my nails.

I would definitely go back to this branch if I will be given a chance. I’d also choose the same staff, if only I could remember their names. 🙂 I think I can still remember how they looked like. 🙂 I give this branch a 3.75 for a quite excellent service.

This branch that I have visited was just outside the Hampton Gardens. It’s located at Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue, Pasig, 1607 Metro Manila. You can also check their menu on their website.

Finally, after everything that transpired on that day, we chanced upon the burger place that I was writing about earlier.

It’s already open!!



When I said burger place, I was actually referring to Tapsihan Sa Maybunga. This is the place that Ino was telling me about. He was actually raving about the huge burger that they are offering.

He was telling me about the ingredients of each burger. It was quite a mouthful. Each burger is offering a Quarter Pounder. 🙂 Some of the burgers have SPAM, bacon, sunny side up fried eggs, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeno, onions, special butter sauce, etc.

My choice was the Butter Beater and it didn’t disappoint. I was also leaning towards Big Max since I’m not into different kinds of meat in one burger. Ino likes Rise N Shine but I find it quite greasy and too much. Although it is not that bad because it is really worth your money thanks to their generous serving. 🙂

I didn’t choose Level Up, Fast Break and Firehouse because of the SPAM, bacon, eggs, and jalapeno. It’s just me. I just don’t enjoy too much food in one bite. I guess it’s delicious too but I think I might try it out if Butter Beater or Big Max are not available. Haha!

Oh! We also bought a Choco Chip Shake! It was good but I wish I ordered Mocha Frappe instead. I was supposed to order Mocha Frappe but Ino said he has already tried it. I wanted him to try out a different flavor too but unfortunately, he chose the same flavor he had last time. It was quite a let down. But I will definitely try their Mocha Frappe next time! 🙂

The shakes are pretty average for me. I think it is not really worth P75. I think they could have served it for around P60 to P65 instead. The presentation and the taste wasn’t that rad for P75. I wish they could level it up by adding something more to their “plating” or to their unique taste.

With how Ino hyped the burger and the shakes, it really got me expecting something out of everything. I was expecting something worth writing about and not just an Instagram moment. I was expecting a memorable taste out of it. Something that could linger and make me want to come back even if it’s quite far from where I am from.

I guess, it’s just me and my expectations. The burger was great. The presentation and plating was surprising. The knife on the burger was liberating. The plastic gloves was a unique suggestion on how to eat the burger. It gave a subtle hint about a no poise moment. It was fun and entertaining. I enjoyed it!

I will give this restaurant a 3.5 for the effort and for the hype. 🙂

I also liked the way the servers feel like family. It’s really hard to tell whether they are just staffs or family members helping each other out in their family business. It’s a Saturday anyway, and it somehow made me feel nostalgic.

I used to dream about my own clan owning a restaurant and each one of us helping out in any way we can. I know that it’s impossible right now but it could have been a good business venture for each of us.

Anyway, I was able to enjoy the food and the drink. It was a treat! So yeah, I really enjoyed everything. I’m still looking forward to visiting Tapishan sa Maybunga because I might just really have high hopes for everything products and services related. This is how I am most especially when I am paying or someone is treating me for a food experience.

Having said that, this is not a paid advertisement and I’m blogging about it to share my own experiences. Also, I’m blogging about my thoughts so that one’s service or products will continuously improve and provide satisfaction to their customers.

Tapsihan sa Maybunga is near Hampton Gardens. It is located at 416, Dr. Sixto Ave., Pasig, Metro Manila.

The Sunday to Monday Currently Vol. 12

Happy father’s day!

The past week was very challenging but I was able to get through it. June is halfway done and that means that the grammar test is up. So, here’s my latest Sunday currently!



I was able to get past Magnus Bane’s chapter in The City of Bones. It’s already half of the year and yes, I’m not yet done in re-reading it. I’m now at Hotel Dumort, still the 2nd part of the book but I’m taking these baby steps as progress in my reading quest. 🙂


Aside from the usual vibrations of the electric fan and the sound of my keyboard tapping… My current earworm is Drag Me Down by One Direction. Nope, I’m not a Directioner but this all started when I was listening to Love Yourself, Hands to Myself and Perfect by Kaya May and Landon Austin on Spotify. 



Thinking about the upcoming grammar test. I haven’t read anything or reviewed for it. I still have less than two weeks to hustle but I got caught up with so much things to do. 


I can smell the scent of Koji San on my skin.

Wishing and Hoping

STILL Wishing and Hoping that this week would be more productive and less stressful. I hope I’ll be able to survive the working week without slacking or getting tired of going to work.

I think I’ve been writing this for a few weeks already and it still hasn’t changed. It’s slowly becoming my mantra. 

I’m also wishing and hoping that I’d get through this week without feeling so negative about things. I hope that the test won’t bother me that much so I can still work on the things that I need to concentrate on better.


Wearing a short black flowery nightgown to bed.


Loving that I was able to enjoy the weekend with Ino. Our plan to officially celebrate at Hampton Gardens was a success! 


 I want to have this theme done already.


Needing more time to prepare for my test. I also need to start preparing for our wedding.


Feeling a bit upset that Ino hasn’t done anything about the wedding preps lately. I know that he’s busy with finding a job and getting his requirements settled. However, I’m just getting tired with hearing “I’ll do that this weekend.” but it takes so long before it gets done. I also feel quite disappointed because he promised that he will request for his CENOMAR this payday but he forgot.

I really want to be a very understanding girlfriend but as a human, I think I am also entitled to feel these things. The worst feeling in the world is getting your hopes up on people to keep their promises but they keep on forgetting what they have said or intended to do. 


Clicking through SiddhaThornton’s link up and my previous TSC.


How about you? What are you doing? Link up & share your Sunday Currently on Sidda Thornton’s blog. :)

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