The Sunday Currently Vol. 1

I know that it’s practically a Monday in Manila, but I just arrived from a weekend getaway and I’d really like to start my The Sunday Currently this way. Since this will be my new home, I’ve decided to make a new batch of TSC starting today.

  • readingOld posts from my previous Tumblr. I’m contemplating about reposting old important blog posts from that account that I want to preserve here.
  • writing – My first TSC for this website. I’m excited to write a summary of my weekly musings and this could be a great venue for it.
  • listening – To the humming of the A/C and the electric fan. Summer has just started in Manila and if I want to make something out of my tired, vacation-lagged mind, I have to make sure that I’m writing comfortably.
  • thinking Of life choices and of how I will survive another 4 days of work. I’m pretty much demoralized and unmotivated by work these days. I’m contemplating about my career path and possible greener pastures.
  • smelling – Nothing. I’m just in the bedroom and I didn’t spray anything. Or was it just because I have a runny nose today?
  • wishing and hoping – That this weekend will be a fruitful and motivating one. I’m really hoping that things could get better in the office and that quiting won’t be an option. I wish that this week would make me want to stay more than leave.
  • wearing – A violet tank top for sleepwear.
  • loving – How the weekend transpired. I was able to enjoy going to Pulilan, Bulacan with my mom and niece. We went to the nearby swimming pool and resort together with my future husband and his family.
  • wantingMore time to take a rest and sleep. It’s 2:16 AM. In a few hours, I will have to wake up again and go to work.
  • needing To reorganize my blogs and make more posts to make my blog worth visiting. Of course, I need a lot of time for that.
  • feeling – Sick because of my cough and tired because of the long trip from Bulacan.
  • clicking – through my WordPress, Tumblr, Sidda Thornton’s blog and PicMonkey. 🙂



The Day I Met Him

How did you meet the love of your life? This was one of the titles that I have seen on Candy yesterday and I actually didn’t write this because of that. It was a beautiful coincidence because I’ve been working on re-arranging my content on my previous blogging platforms for days before I post or repost anything here.

I have finally started sorting my posts on WordPress and Tumblr and contrary to what I thought would happen, I think I could manage posting different entries a day before I update this blog to more current news or events in my life.

I intentionally backtracked to my first ever Tumblr blog in hopes of restoring and transferring some of my content. This is going to be my official website after all, so I’m really looking forward to sharing some important things in my life.

Ino and I have been in a relationship for over six years and it actually feels good to look back on how our relationship withstand the challenges that we had experienced over the years.

My first entry will be about my relationship with Ino and how it somehow” began.

It was around May 2009 when I posted this on my Tumblr page. It says that Ino and I started our relationship on May 23, 2009. We spent the whole day together from 8 AM to 8 PM.

We dined in at Gateway’s Taco Bell and strolled around two different bookstores (National Book Store and Fully Booked.) I also recalled how Ino was so patient while he was listening to every weird story that I told him.

I remembered that I really enjoyed talking to him and that I can really be myself when I’m with him. I can even make Ate Gay‘s Walang Himala-toned jokes with him and we would laugh it off like there’s no tomorrow. I also realized that I get along with him because we are both similar and different at the same time.

I wrote that at that time, Ino and I already have some things in common and we really had fun together.

He was the sweetest guy I’ve ever known because he remembered every detail about the book that I randomly picked up. I wasn’t a hardcore Young Adult fan at that time but I was already into Sophie Kinsella’s series.

Being myself, I picked up Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic And A Sister out of a rack at the center aisle of the 2nd floor of NBS. I remembered that I just read the excerpt on the back and eventually returned it to a different shelf of the same book in a nearby location. I actually thought that I must read the Shopaholic And A Baby by Sophie Kinsella first before reading the second one.

Ino was very keen to details that he actually concluded that I have the habit of picking up a random book and returning it on a different shelf. He was actually quite an observant, because I really did pick up another book from a different author and after reading the synopsis, I just placed it on another rack until I find another one.

I really had a great time with him on our first date. I never thought that it would be quite exciting. I never thought that I will find a partner in him. I just realized that he just didn’t offer his time to me, but he also let me get to know him as a person, as a friend and eventually as a lover.

I will never forget the day I met him and I will never get tired of telling this story to everyone that cares about us. 🙂

1st Monday

Welcome to my blog!

One of the most challenging things that I can think of is starting something on anything. I’m never the type who can write things easily no matter what my mood is. I always end up deleting what I’ve written and come up with several drafts before publishing something. Because in real life, I am really fickle minded and indecisive.

I used to write a bunch of information on my first blog entry, but it’s already 2:49 AM and I need to hit the sack in a few minutes so I don’t think it is wise to do so. And of course, I am not planning to tell you most of the details that I used to write in my previous blogs because I want this home to be different.

I would like you to know me based on what I am going to post here. I would also like to warn you that I’m not perfect. I may post rants or just normal daily stuff so please bear with me. You will see my raw emotions and some of my depth. You will discover imperfections and flaws and everything in between. You might discover some things about me but I hope you would still enjoy the ride with me.

Are you ready to take the plunge?

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