Repost: Island Cove Summer Getaway (April 11, 2014)

Updated (April 24, 2016) : I regret not documenting photos properly. I regret taking the event for granted. It could have been a great story to tell.

I tried to look for the photos that I mentioned in this post. It has been two years and I think if I haven’t deleted all of it, I might have just discarded it because I’m not really into photography at that time. Thank God that I was able to recover some of the pictures. 🙂

However, I wasn’t able to retrieve the pictures that I took in the room. I have changed my phone several times in the course of two years and I really can’t remember where I saved it. I actually don’t know if I was able to back up my photos at that time. What I recovered were our selfies on the beach and nothing else. So, I’m really sorry about that.

I learned my lesson and I hope that starting this year, I can document simple events so that I won’t regret it next time.




A few years ago, I could actually say that I’m the type who do not write important events in my life and blog about it. I’m quite lazy like that. It was probably because I’d rather enjoy the experience than document everything.

It sometimes irks me when my family members or relatives would gather everybody in the family to have a group picture or sometimes when they interrupt a certain activity to take pictures in a certain event. I actually didn’t see the importance of documenting memories until recently.

Then there goes Ms. Armi Millare, one of the vocalists and the keyboardist of the award-winning Filipino OPM band Up Dharma Down, who’s always inspired me not to just listen to her songs but to blog as well. Damn WordPress.

Below is another blog entry from Tumblr dated April 19, 2014.

A week ago, April 11, 2014, Ino and his officemates invited me to join them in their summer outing.

I was of course, thrilled by the idea of being with my boyfriend in an out-of-town trip with his colleagues (despite being a third wheel in a company outing.) I really tried my best not to be excited about it because I know that I really don’t fit in in the group. At that time, I was thinking that they didn’t really want me there, but Ino, my boyfriend, really wants me to be with him so I did. I even filed my first ever leave in my office 3 weeks before the date.

I was even on the verge of backing out and having cold feet because my insecurities were eating me like crazy again. And we almost fought. We had a big fight again but we still pushed through.

We reported to work the day before. Ino and I were both contemplating on who will sleep in who’s house. I meant, if he will sleep in my condo unit or if I will sleep in his apartment.

I ended up sleeping in his apartment thinking that if I sleep in his place, he might be able to wake up on time. We were also supposed to buy a sunblock at the drugstore but we ended up buying a lotion instead. (Well hello there, noobs!) Then, I went to my condo to get my stuff.

Since we didn’t have much time to prepare because I had my own version of experiencing “cold feet,” I wasn’t able to prepare my things and I just resorted to hastily packing my clothes in one bag. I brought a lot of comfortable clothes a few weeks before the outing. I also bought a two piece, a one piece swimsuit and a pair of shorts. I brought the other essential things that I needed for the outing as well.

The night before the trip, we headed to my boyfriend’s apartment and had a few hours of sleep. I was struck with awe when he woke up earlier than I did and when I noticed that he was already preparing his stuff when I woke up. As far as I remembered, it was only around 5:30 in the morning. I barely had sleep and he claims that he just meditated on the bed.

After all the preparations, we headed to Mc Donald’s to have some breakfast and hang-out at Jollibee Pearl Drive to wait for his officemates. We rode a small car, a Ford Fiesta, and we had a lot of stopovers because of his colleague’s girlfriend.

Then we reached Bulalo Point in Tagaytay, which was supposed to be Nuvali, but I don’t know why they changed their mind but they did. The folks from Bulalo Point were actually good singers. If only, we went there for entertainment. However, their service was bad. The food selection was bad as well. I didn’t eat much because the Bulalo sucks, I haven’t eaten fish for a long time and it wasn’t tasty at all. If I’d known, I should have eaten something heavier or had a take out from Jollibee or Mc Donald’s before the trip.

We actually had a fun ride on the way to Island Cove. When we reached the resort, we were told to wait since their boss was the one who reserved the rooms and stuff for us. We waited for a while but the place was actually posh and beautiful so it somehow compensates for the long wait. If only Globe has a better signal in Cavite. On the other hand, Smart’s signal wasn’t as stellar but it was better than Globe’s.

So, when we got our rooms, I was tremendously happy. Ino and I had a big room, like a master’s bedroom for ourselves. There was a queen sized bed and another bed – which Ino claims serves as a sofa. There was a medium sized flat screen cable TV which I presume was provided by SKYcable or CignalTV, a mini-ref without any drinks, chocolates or anything, a closet, a veranda, and a medium sized bathroom. It was really luxurious, the only downside was that it doesn’t have a bathtub. All in all, I can say that the room met my expectations.

When we settled down, we took a rest and took advantage of the privacy of our bedroom. It was really like our honeymoon. Hahaha! We slept and woke up after 2 hours to have dinner.

Since we didn’t buy any chips because we were thinking about the corkage and we were actually low on funds at that time, we decided to split the bill for the Cheetos and bought it for a midnight snack. Then we headed to the place near the pool and the beach and just had dinner with his officemates.

After having dinner, we were informed that the pool was only available only until 9 P.M and night swimming wasn’t allowed for security purposes. It didn’t stop us though. We still had a great time because we still swam for about thirty to thirty five minutes until the guards caught our attention and informed us that I have to take off my shirt (because I’m wearing it on top of my one piece. Hahaha!) So, what was left were my one piece bathing suit and CEU shorts.

You see, I’m not really comfortable with my body at that time because I haven’t gone to the gym or had any treatments for my underarms yet. It was a good thing that we swam at night because I would really feel very embarrassed if it happened in the daytime.

Anyway, Ino offered to put the shirt on the bench. While he was away, I being my careless self, tried to climb up the stone something of the pool and unfortunately got my swimsuit ripped by the protruding tile. Well, it was just a small hole but it still made the one piece look funny. So, yeah, I didn’t listen to Ino when he told me to stay put. So, it was just my luck.

Then, after showing him what happened to my bathing suit, we just swam for the rest of the night. When we were told that the time was up, Ino hang out with his boss and officemate for a couple of drinks as we waited for our clothes to dry.

We took a shower as soon as we reached our room and took a rest. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary anymore because we were damn too tired to even try.

The next morning, we woke up early for breakfast. We had our breakfast stubs presented before entering the cafeteria. Apparently, Max’s was a sponsor in the resort and we had a set meal. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a buffet and there wasn’t any juice or hot chocolate. I was lucky though, ’cause Ino made me a cup of coffee. 🙂

We had Chicken Tocino that morning. Then we went to the beach, took some pictures, then decided to swim and enjoy.

We are usually the kind of couple who do not like to take pictures that much. We bought a camera but we didn’t take tons of pictures. I guess, it’s not in our personality. I guess, we just prefer to enjoy the day rather than to capture selfies on the place.

Then, we showered, applied the sunblock, and swam. I had a blast with Ino. We both can’t swim well but being with him, sharing jokes and stories made me feel really grateful to be with him. I guess, I am not just a super girlfriend. He’s a super boyfriend too.

After swimming, we tried the Banana Boat. It was our first time and there are no regrets. The sight was captivating. The experience was great. Ino was panicking because he was in front. I was behind him. He was shouting like a mad man, trying to be wacky because of nerves. Then, we were dropped like a hot potato twice. It was traumatizing at first, but it was a great ride.

it's not exactly the same beach but I just want to share this beautiful beach in Subic, Zambales.
It’s not exactly the same beach but I just want to share this beautiful beach in Subic, Zambales.

We swam some more. The beach was stone-y and the sand was really fine that it was quite difficult to walk. We eventually stayed in the pool longer than the beach.

When it was time to go, we prepared our things and checked out.

We went to Starbucks after that and hang-out again for the stop over. Then we went to Nuvali because Ino’s officemate wants to check out the Wake Boarding place.

It was around 5:30 when Ino was encouraged to try wakeboarding. I was hesitant at first, knowing that he had already messed up before and it took him a surgery to get over that extreme sport. But, when he asked me to have a little faith, I did, and I let him.

His first try was funny. But his 2nd try was smooth. Until, he got out of the water and smelled inexplicably funny. It was already past 7 o’clock in the evening when we left Nuvali.

We didn’t have dinner though. Until we went for a stop over. Then his officemate dropped us off to Market! Market! on our way home.

It was a great trip. It’s just that I felt insecure with some things and that I felt jealous when he was talking with his colleague’s girlfriend. I know she’s pretty, petite and she might be his type. Ino’s a great guy too. And I chastised him for being such a nice and funny guy. We almost fought. But, in the end, we talked things out. I still felt jealous even after the trip, though.

Luckily, his flirt of an officemate, (this is a different person), backed off and stopped flirting on that trip. She tried. But I was firm on telling Ino to just let her be. I was on guard the whole time.

I guess, I might have felt too insecure, threatened and too paranoid because I know that I’m not like the others. During that time, there wasn’t any assurance of some sort in our relationship yet. ‘Though I know that he loves me and he has been telling me that numerous times already, however, for someone like me whose insecurity builds up each and every time, and knowing what guys like him want, it’s quite inevitable to feel insufficient and imperfect.

I just love Ino so much that I’d do anything to make him feel happy but I know that I’m not a saint and I can commit murder if I put my mind to it. So, yeah.. I guess I have tendencies too. LOL. I’m just kidding, okay? I love him but I’m not sure if I’m really willing to kill someone for that special love.

Two years ago, my insecurities consume me like there’s no tomorrow. At the back of my mind, I kept thinking that I wasn’t enough. That there are better girls out there that he might like. It’s possible and it still scares me up to now.

What has really changed since he proposed was the feeling of being enough. He gave me an assurance that he’s willing to commit to a much higher form of relationship. On top of that, he’s willing to have sleepless nights to save money for our wedding and he sacrifices his wants and desires for our wedding preparations. I quite feel guilty that I wasn’t contributing enough but I never heard him complain about it.

Reposting this blog entry made me feel a little shallow. I could have enjoyed the time with his colleagues. We could have enjoyed the place with his friends, but I was too scared and too selfish to let him do what makes him happy. I feel a little guilty for being such a brat but I realized my mistake now. I hope that it was never too late to show him that I know that I’m wrong and that I’m sorry.

I hope to be more mature in the coming years. I hope that we can resolve any of our problems together. I hope that this will be a lesson that I can remember. I hope that the others who are experiencing the same thing or had experienced the same thing will come to realize what I realized. I hope to have a stronger relationship with him. I hope to be happy with him for the rest of my life.


Bonchon Chicken, Stanley Chi, and SMASH on 2nd Avenue

So here goes another post from my Tumblr account. This was written on March 25, 2012. It was a Sunday and it talks about what happened to my weekend. It also features one of our visits to Bonchon and a book launching event in National Book Store in Shangri-La Mall.

If I remember it correctly,  Ino and I just celebrated our 34th monthsarry at that time. According to my blog, we weren’t able to celebrate our special day because we were both tied up with work. I was still working for Globe Telecom’s Marketing Department when I wrote this and I recalled Ino and I had a pretty different schedule back in the day. I used to work from 9 AM to 6 PM on weekdays while Ino’s schedule was from 3 PM until 12 AM on weekdays.

The advantage of Ino’s schedule was that he’s working on a flexible schedule while I don’t. He still does, but he has learned to manage his time wisely nowadays and I’m proud of him for doing so! However, I’ve never worked on a flexible time schedule and even after three years, I’m still tracking time and making the most of it. My profession is the epitome of every second counts. Looking back, it was quite a tough schedule to make it happen but we were able to make it through after three years.

I remembered that I usually stay in his apartment every other Friday to spend the weekend with him. He usually fetches me at work and sends me to his apartment in Paz Bldg. and comes back to his office after joining me for dinner. I usually wait for him in his apartment for a few hours until he arrives from work.

It says that I watched a Japanese live action series called Absolute Boyfriend (絶対彼氏。, Zettai Kareshi) the whole night. I also bought Jollibee’s Chicken Nuggets with Carrots, 2 pcs of Peach Mango Pies and a Large Ice Tea while watching the series. Jollibee was adjacent to his apartment building so buying food at that time wasn’t a problem.

Ino used to live with Wendz and Lloyd in their two-bedroom apartment in Paz Bldg. Their apartment was located at E. Rodriguez St. nearby Rizal Tech University. Ino, Wendz and Lloyd weren’t home yet so I decided to prepare for bed. I was supposed to go to bed when Ino arrived in their apartment around midnight.

The next day, Ino and I watched more episodes of Absolute Boyfriend together and then we had Chicken Nuggets, a Quarter Pounder, and a Sundae for brunch. I guess eating these much wasn’t enough because we went to Bonchon Chicken afterwards.

According to Wikipedia, Bonchon Chicken is a South Korean-based international fried chicken restaurant franchise. According to the company, Bonchon is a Korean word meaning “My Hometown.


Screenshot from 2016-03-22 013925 Screenshot from 2016-03-22 014002 Screenshot from 2016-03-22 014126



We had different foods for this particular visit to Bonchon. I don’t remember exactly if this was our first time to dine in or if it was one of those times, but all I know is that I can’t remember how these food tastes like.

I’m quite a sucker for chicken and it has always been my go-to food whenever I eat at any new restaurant. I guess, knowing that chicken is Bonchon’s specialty, I didn’t bother to try it because I know that it will still be available after a few months.

These foods are probably the food that we decided to try out because they are new and interesting. Plus, the mere idea of buying a taco in a Korean-ish fast food restaurant is pretty intriguing.

I guess, my expectations were too high because I already have an idea on what authentic Korean food tastes like. It became a let down because the dishes that we ordered were practically Americanized and they were served in a different way than I expected it would be.

I didn’t buy the taco after that but I often order their chicken chops and chicken burger whenever I feel like it. I don’t think that Bonchon is my favorite go-to fast food restaurant for a Korean quick-fix ‘though, I guess I’d rather try Honey’s Kimchi or something else.

This won’t be rated since I really didn’t intend to make a review for this one. Besides, my preferences have changed after three years and Bonchon, although not the best Korean chicken fix for me, is still one of the restaurants that we frequent every now and then.

DISCLAIMER: This blog entry is reposted for personal documentations only. Bonchon Chicken, didn’t pay me to advertise their products and services to promote or review.

If you would like me to review your products or services, kindly send me an e-mail over

The second part of this entry is about Stanley Chi’s book launch, which also happened on the same day that we went to Bonchon Chicken. It was held at National Book Store in Edsa Shangri-La Mall on March 25, 2012.

The original plan was for Ino and I to go to Powerbooks to scout for new books to read despite the 3 books that I already bought on that payday. Since Powerbooks was too crowded and it seems like they were renovating the place or rearranging the sections of their books, Ino and I decided to go to National Bookstore to find some Young Adult books instead.

We were surprised to witness a book launching event. It was my first time to attend a book launch and I was too smitten by the crowd, the buzz and the media that Ino and I decided to stay in the event and watch the program.

It was Stanley Chi’s book launch. According to his Wikipedia, Stanley Tan Chi (born May 12, 1978) is a Chinese Filipino observational comedian, cartoonist, TV host, columnist and book author. Chi has gained an underground cult following because of his unique comedic chops. He is the columnist for FHM Philippines’ website, One Night Stan and a video blogger for’s Suplado in the City.

Initially, we watched his book launch because of Ramon Bautista, who was just the guy from Brewrats and a professor in UP at that time. He wasn’t a big name in the industry yet. He doesn’t have Science of Stupid yet or a self-published book. He wasn’t self-entitled yet. He was just one of the struggling comedians who has the potential to be on the mainstream TV at that time.

Ino and I were quite a fan of Mr. Bautista that at that time, we didn’t mind to wait and ask for a picture. We were actually very lucky that Ramon Bautista accommodated our request.


Now, back to the book launch…

The program went on. Stanley Chi introduced the band called Bakeshop and he said that one of its members used to be a member of Hale. Bakeshop performed a couple of songs, while we were interviewed by Net25. We were asked about a word that we can attribute or say to Stanley Chi.

At that time, I barely knew who Stanley Chi was and sad to say I didn’t have a way to access Google or Wikipedia at that time. As I’ve said, we weren’t really there for him, it was by chance that we actually became a part of the book launch. I really didn’t know who he was or where he became famous or why he was publishing a book.

We solely based our answer to the title of his book because that’s the only idea that we have about the guy. His book was about guys’ demeanor and I just guessed about what the content was really about (even if I’m not really sure if he was talking about being a Suplado as a person or being a Suplado only in a certain situation.)

I answered the question based on a hunch and on what the book cover says. I said that Stanley Chi is a suplado (a snob). Then she also asked Ino the same question but he was kinda clueless to who Stanley Chi was and he just said that Stanley Chi was awesome to pacify the interviewer. I guess, it’s kinda not the answer the interviewee was looking for but it’s alright because that’s what really happened.

The interviewee along with the cameraman asked another question about having Stanley Chi’s books published in print or in E-books. I really have a strong feeling about paper backs or hardbound books being published as a part of our customs and traditions. At that time, I was just starting to like E-books because it is a convenient way to read a bunch of books in one portable device.

According to my post, I answered the question with:

It’s better if it will be published in print since he can really see or know that the people are buying his intellectual property and they like it rather than publishing it through E-books.

No offense meant since a lot of people are using electronic stuff to read books nowadays.

But I figured that illegal downloading here in the Phils. is very rampant and the fact that we don’t get to stop these things from happening means that it would be difficult to weigh who likes it or not.

He wouldn’t know if people are interested in his book by buying it in stores and really taking some effort to grab it in the book stand and buy it. Instead, his books might end up downloaded through a torrent site, or it might be passed on via e-mail or stuff. We all know that it’s illegal and every book says that it shouldn’t be in anyway reproduced, imprinted or whatnot. But hey, these things happen.

If he really wants to sell his books I think he should just do both. E-books and print. Other people might buy it online but I’m pretty sure more people will prefer to just copy it or download it for free.

As a Journalism graduate and an aspiring writer, I think it would be much rewarding if people really buy his books in stores. I think it would be more fulfilling if the author can feel or witness that his books are selling and readers patronize his books because it makes sense or interesting or fun or whatever. I think it’s worth the blood, sweat and tears if he can see that his readers are really patronizing his ideas.

Soon, Tado, a comedian, came and they were fussing about him being late. It appears that he also wrote a book under PSICOM Publishing house. Oh, Suplado Tips was also published by PSICOM as well.

Then there were some guys who claim that they were professional Fliptop rappers or whatnot. At first it was kinda boring and the guy, Juan Lazy, wasn’t doing much of a good job than was expected or than his title claims.

Then, a couple of Fliptop rappers joined the Fliptop battle but it wasn’t that fun. It just became fun when the celebrities joined in and had their trial to a Fliptop battle. Tado, Stanley Chi and Ramon Bautista were cool and they were game. Though Tado told the audience that he doesn’t know what Fliptop is since he’s been away from the civilization … [sic.]

To sum it all, it was good and it was fun because Ino and I enjoyed it. 🙂

This part was basically a proof that I have a knack for showing off my talent. Please read until the end to know more about how the rest of that day ended.

We were about to go home when we dropped by SM Megamall to stroll for a while. I was supposed to just go to the restroom and do some stuff when we came across an event in the Atrium. There were sponsors and stuff in the middle space next to Gelatissimo.

Apparently, there was an audition for SMASH. I didn’t really pay much attention to the whole mechanics and stuff. Ino inquired if there were a lot of people queuing to sing or perform. The girl said there was no line and he can sing anytime or if he is ready. It was funny because they thought he will be the one who’ll sing. Well, what really happened was I just asked Ino if he can inquire for me and he did.

So, the girl asked me to sign up and asked if I want to get a make over. And I did. Honestly I just want to have a make-over and I’m not really that interested in the singing part of the audition. I know that I just got my voice back and I’m not pretty sure if I can sing high notes already.

So, since there were still a couple of girls getting their make over, and a guy was still singing on the camera, my boyfriend and I waited for my turn and we just talked. I was feeling thirsty and my throat was running dry so I asked him to buy me a bottle of water. Then I actually practiced a song with him.

I always have a hard time thinking of the right song to sing whenever I’m requested to sing. So, while practicing.. I sang Dreams by The Corrs to my boyfriend.

I was just relaxed but a little nervous. I was just doing it for the fun of it. I was just trying since there’s no harm done in trying.

So I had my make over. Then the make up artist asked me some questions while he applies make up to my face. When he asked about my job… I whispered the name of the competitor of the telco sponsor of this event. He asked how did we get to this audition and I replied with: “Actually we were supposed to go to the restroom when we saw this event and we just tried it.”

When my make over was done. The guy who guides the contestants, who looks like Slater of PBB Unlimited, talked to me and asked me about my age, and what song am I gonna sing, etc.

I sang Dreams by The Corrs and just enjoyed it. It was a fast song, well not really fast. I figured some people were singing theater songs or high pitched, ear screeching, attention getting songs. I did not do that.

So I just did my thing and I was able to get a gift pack from Smart C and 2nd Avenue.

The feedback was positive. They said that I have a beautiful voice, etc. I think they say those lines to everybody since that’s a part of their job and it will encourage the contestant to patronize their show or whatever. Or perhaps it’s just part of their job.

So, I liked 2nd Avenue’s Facebook using my Facebook account. Then I got another freebie which was a photo of me and the SMASH characters. (Sorry I wasn’t able to scan it or take a photo if it.)

It was actually nice that Ino supported me all the way even if the idea of doing it is too crazy if you think about it.

Anyway, that was my day. It kinda took me a day after I posted it but well it was really tiring. 🙂


The Sunday Currently Vol. 1

I know that it’s practically a Monday in Manila, but I just arrived from a weekend getaway and I’d really like to start my The Sunday Currently this way. Since this will be my new home, I’ve decided to make a new batch of TSC starting today.

  • readingOld posts from my previous Tumblr. I’m contemplating about reposting old important blog posts from that account that I want to preserve here.
  • writing – My first TSC for this website. I’m excited to write a summary of my weekly musings and this could be a great venue for it.
  • listening – To the humming of the A/C and the electric fan. Summer has just started in Manila and if I want to make something out of my tired, vacation-lagged mind, I have to make sure that I’m writing comfortably.
  • thinking Of life choices and of how I will survive another 4 days of work. I’m pretty much demoralized and unmotivated by work these days. I’m contemplating about my career path and possible greener pastures.
  • smelling – Nothing. I’m just in the bedroom and I didn’t spray anything. Or was it just because I have a runny nose today?
  • wishing and hoping – That this weekend will be a fruitful and motivating one. I’m really hoping that things could get better in the office and that quiting won’t be an option. I wish that this week would make me want to stay more than leave.
  • wearing – A violet tank top for sleepwear.
  • loving – How the weekend transpired. I was able to enjoy going to Pulilan, Bulacan with my mom and niece. We went to the nearby swimming pool and resort together with my future husband and his family.
  • wantingMore time to take a rest and sleep. It’s 2:16 AM. In a few hours, I will have to wake up again and go to work.
  • needing To reorganize my blogs and make more posts to make my blog worth visiting. Of course, I need a lot of time for that.
  • feeling – Sick because of my cough and tired because of the long trip from Bulacan.
  • clicking – through my WordPress, Tumblr, Sidda Thornton’s blog and PicMonkey. 🙂



The Day I Met Him

How did you meet the love of your life? This was one of the titles that I have seen on Candy yesterday and I actually didn’t write this because of that. It was a beautiful coincidence because I’ve been working on re-arranging my content on my previous blogging platforms for days before I post or repost anything here.

I have finally started sorting my posts on WordPress and Tumblr and contrary to what I thought would happen, I think I could manage posting different entries a day before I update this blog to more current news or events in my life.

I intentionally backtracked to my first ever Tumblr blog in hopes of restoring and transferring some of my content. This is going to be my official website after all, so I’m really looking forward to sharing some important things in my life.

Ino and I have been in a relationship for over six years and it actually feels good to look back on how our relationship withstand the challenges that we had experienced over the years.

My first entry will be about my relationship with Ino and how it somehow” began.

It was around May 2009 when I posted this on my Tumblr page. It says that Ino and I started our relationship on May 23, 2009. We spent the whole day together from 8 AM to 8 PM.

We dined in at Gateway’s Taco Bell and strolled around two different bookstores (National Book Store and Fully Booked.) I also recalled how Ino was so patient while he was listening to every weird story that I told him.

I remembered that I really enjoyed talking to him and that I can really be myself when I’m with him. I can even make Ate Gay‘s Walang Himala-toned jokes with him and we would laugh it off like there’s no tomorrow. I also realized that I get along with him because we are both similar and different at the same time.

I wrote that at that time, Ino and I already have some things in common and we really had fun together.

He was the sweetest guy I’ve ever known because he remembered every detail about the book that I randomly picked up. I wasn’t a hardcore Young Adult fan at that time but I was already into Sophie Kinsella’s series.

Being myself, I picked up Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic And A Sister out of a rack at the center aisle of the 2nd floor of NBS. I remembered that I just read the excerpt on the back and eventually returned it to a different shelf of the same book in a nearby location. I actually thought that I must read the Shopaholic And A Baby by Sophie Kinsella first before reading the second one.

Ino was very keen to details that he actually concluded that I have the habit of picking up a random book and returning it on a different shelf. He was actually quite an observant, because I really did pick up another book from a different author and after reading the synopsis, I just placed it on another rack until I find another one.

I really had a great time with him on our first date. I never thought that it would be quite exciting. I never thought that I will find a partner in him. I just realized that he just didn’t offer his time to me, but he also let me get to know him as a person, as a friend and eventually as a lover.

I will never forget the day I met him and I will never get tired of telling this story to everyone that cares about us. 🙂

1st Monday

Welcome to my blog!

One of the most challenging things that I can think of is starting something on anything. I’m never the type who can write things easily no matter what my mood is. I always end up deleting what I’ve written and come up with several drafts before publishing something. Because in real life, I am really fickle minded and indecisive.

I used to write a bunch of information on my first blog entry, but it’s already 2:49 AM and I need to hit the sack in a few minutes so I don’t think it is wise to do so. And of course, I am not planning to tell you most of the details that I used to write in my previous blogs because I want this home to be different.

I would like you to know me based on what I am going to post here. I would also like to warn you that I’m not perfect. I may post rants or just normal daily stuff so please bear with me. You will see my raw emotions and some of my depth. You will discover imperfections and flaws and everything in between. You might discover some things about me but I hope you would still enjoy the ride with me.

Are you ready to take the plunge?

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