16 Personalities – I’m a Commander (ENTJ)

I’ve been trying to blog. Seriously. I’m planning to post some of the photos that I’ve taken last year. Just wait, 🙂 Please give me some love. Haha!


So I took this test a few weeks ago for fun when I saw it on one of my friends’ post on Plurk. I remember that I had taken this test before but I can’t exactly remember what I got.

This time around, I got ENTJ.


According to Wikipedia, ENTJ means extraversion, intuition, thinking, judgment. It is an abbreviation used in the publications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to refer to one of sixteen personality types. It is also The Commander‘s personality.


The website of 16 Personalities summed it up as:


ENTJs are natural-born leaders. People with this personality type embody the gifts of charisma and confidence, and project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. But unlike their Feeling (F) counterpart, ENTJs are characterized by an often ruthless level of rationality, using their drive, determination and sharp minds to achieve whatever end they’ve set for themselves. Perhaps it is best that they make up only three percent of the population, lest they overwhelm the more timid and sensitive personality types that make up much of the rest of the world – but we have ENTJs to thank for many of the businesses and institutions we take for granted every day.


  • Happiness Lies in the Joy of Achievement

  • Cultivating the Science of Human Relationships

ENTJ Strengths


  • Efficient – ENTJs see inefficiency not just as a problem in its own right, but as something that pulls time and energy away from all their future goals, an elaborate sabotage consisting of irrationality and laziness. People with the ENTJ personality type will root out such behavior wherever they go.
  • Energetic – Rather than finding this process taxing ENTJs are energized by it, genuinely enjoying leading their teams forward as they implement their plans and goals.
  • Self-Confident – ENTJs couldn’t do this if they were plagued by self-doubt – they trust their abilities, make known their opinions, and believe in their capacities as leaders.
  • Strong-Willed – Nor do they give up when the going gets tough – ENTJ personalities strive to achieve their goals, but really nothing is quite as satisfying to them as rising to the challenge of each obstacle in their run to the finish line.
  • Strategic Thinkers – ENTJs exemplify the difference between moment-to-moment crisis management and navigating the challenges and steps of a bigger plan, and are known for examining every angle of a problem and not just resolving momentary issues, but moving the whole project forward with their solutions.
  • Charismatic and Inspiring – These qualities combine to create individuals who are able to inspire and invigorate others, who people actually want to be their leaders, and this in turn helps ENTJs to accomplish their often ambitious goals that could never be finished alone.

ENTJ Weaknesses


  • Stubborn and Dominant – Sometimes all this confidence and willpower can go too far, and ENTJs are all too capable of digging in their heels, trying to win every single debate and pushing their vision, and theirs alone.
  • Intolerant – “It’s my way or the highway” – People with the ENTJ personality type are notoriously unsupportive of any idea that distracts from their primary goals, and even more so of ideas based on emotional considerations. ENTJs won’t hesitate a second to make that fact clear to those around them.
  • Impatient – Some people need more time to think than others, an intolerable delay to quick-thinking ENTJs. They may misinterpret contemplation as stupidity or disinterest in their haste, a terrible mistake for a leader to make.
  • Arrogant – ENTJ personalities respect quick thoughts and firm convictions, their own qualities, and look down on those who don’t match up. This relationship is a challenge for most other personality types who are perhaps not timid in their own right, but will seem so beside overbearing ENTJs.
  • Poor Handling of Emotions – All this bluster, alongside the assumed supremacy of rationalism, makes ENTJs distant from their own emotional expression and sometimes downright scornful of others’. People with this personality type often trample others’ feelings, inadvertently hurting their partners and friends, especially in emotionally charged situations.
  • Cold and Ruthless – Their obsession with efficiency and unwavering belief in the merits of rationalism, especially professionally, makes ENTJs incredibly insensitive in pursuing their goals, dismissing personal circumstances, sensitivities, and preferences as irrational and irrelevant.


I may disagree with some of these but I also agree with most of it. I remember getting a different result a few years ago and I think it’s because our environment and experiences change us in some way. Our personalities develop and improve or gets worse because of different factors. As we grow up, we become the better or the worse version of ourselves.

This personality may describe me as who I am right now, but I may change in the future. Who knows? I guess, the only way to check is to try to take the test again next year. Haha! Or anytime in the future.


How about you? What’s your personality like? Are you willing to take this test? Do you think that this test is accurate? Kindly share your thoughts on the comment section. 🙂

My Make Up Tutorial Obsession

This entry was originally posted on June 30, 2015


I’ve been obsessing with make up tutorials for months now and it’s kinda crazy.

At first, I was just watching make-up tutorials for fun but as time goes by, I became more engrossed with the idea of putting on some make-up. Honestly, I can’t wear make-up regularly because I don’t know how to. Another reason is that I don’t have the proper tools to try it. And lastly, it’s because I’m allergic to powder. My eyes turns watery when someone tries to put an eyeliner on me. I dunno, I think I’m just not into putting make up on and I am not really used to it that’s why.

However, I attempted to buy a moisturizer but I ended up buying a facial wash moisturizer instead. I didn’t like the sticky feeling of the facial wash moisturizer that I bought, so I decided to buy a different brand. I was opting for a known brand, but I saw an old brand that has been in the business for years. I tried their facial wash and I also bought a facial cleanser. After a few weeks, my co-workers noticed the difference in my skin and I sticked to it. Oha, it sounded like a commercial testimonial! LOL.

I didn’t buy any cosmetic products after that. I’d like to but it’s not in my priorities these days. I think I’ll just share the vids that I liked from YouTube in here so that you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I just typed in “make up tutorials” and these videos were shown on my YouTube browser. These are some of the videos that I liked and honestly, I really want to try it but… I have a lot of buts in putting make up on my face.

For now, enjoy the videos…:)


Disclaimer: I do not own any of these videos. This playlist was made through the YouTube website.

Plana’s Pantry

This entry was originally from my WordPress account on June 27, 2015.

Hello there!

After a toxic week last week, my colleague, Lily, and I had a casual conversation about blogging. She’s back with her blog and I’m so happy about it! I really don’t know why but it just makes me happy to know that other than me, there’s also another person in our team who blogs about anything under the sun.

Actually, it was her who influenced me to go back to my roots (Yeah, Blogger, that’s you.) And while we’re discussing about her drafts and her latest blog entry, I also checked out her blog entries and some of her Instagram photos. I found a Bingsu in her Instagram and being a foodie, I easily got interested in where she found it. She mentioned a store in the Pavilion Mall in Edsa Central, Mandaluyong City. I got so interested that I asked so many questions on where I can find it. Eventually, I was able to figure things out.

She also mentioned that there was a posh restaurant nearby California Gardens in Libertad, Mandaluyong City. Actually, it’s in front of Migui’s Fitness Hub but more accurately, it is beside Robinson’s Bank. It’s situated in a commercial building so you can easily spot it if you’re coming from Robinson’s California Gardens.

The posh restaurant Lily mentioned was called, Plana’s Pantry. She told me that the aunt of the owner of Plana’s Pantry is also a Methodist. She mentioned that their family are not just restaurant owners but also one of the founders of the Methodist Church.

Here’s a description about Plana’s Pantry from their Facebook page:

Little did Jolly and Rachel know that these gatherings would soon be taking them to a bigger venue. Hence, the creation of Plana’s Pantry. It has always been their joy to share good food and wholesome experience and they hope that through Plana’s Pantry they would be able to share to a larger group what they like to cook and eat themselves, and serve their customers with an honest, simple, generous, and delightful food that satisfies.
Now, they also offer catering services for lunch and dinner to companies from 100 to 1000 people.

Bon appétit! – French
食飯 (sihk faahn) – Cantonese
Guten appetit! – German
Smakelijk eten! – Dutch
Καλή όρεξη! (kalí óreksi) – Greek
Buon appetito! – Italian
¡Buen provecho! – Spanish
잘 먹겠습니다 (jal meokkesseumnida) – Korean


So my boyfriend, Ino, and I went to Plana’s Pantry to have some late lunch. It was a good thing that he was in the mood because I was able to persuade him to check out the place. I actually mentioned this to him the night before and I guess he was also curious about it that’s why he agreed to accompany me the next day.

Plana’s Pantry has a good ambiance. It was bright and cozy and the music also helped in setting the mood for its customers. There were witty quotations on the walls too. They also have some interesting quotes on the paper placemats.

Witty and on point quotations from Plana’s Pantry’s paper placemats


Plana’s Pantry Menu


Plana’s Pantry Menu


Plana's Pantry
I ordered some Chicken Steak which comes with carrots and corn and Pesto Rice
Plana's Pantry
Ino ordered some American Sausage and Eggs and Pesto Rice
Plana's Pantry
He also ordered some hot Green Tea in the middle of the afternoon. Naks, afternoon tea! :] LOL!




All in all, Lily didn’t disappoint us. The ambiance was relaxing, the room’s temperature was just right, a bit of Jazz or acoustic music playing in the background, and of course delicious and affordable food in one place. What else can you ask for?

If you are looking for a nice and cozy place to bring your date or your family, I recommend you to try Plana’s Pantry. I’m sure you won’t regret it. :]

Plana’s Pantry is located at 50 Domingo M. Guevara St. (formerly Libertad St.), Highway Hills, Mandaluyong, City.

You can reach them at 0917 860 7051 from 10:45 A.M. to 10:30 P.M.

Disclaimer: This blog post is a restaurant review. It’s a free advertising. Plana’s Pantry didn’t pay me for this advertisement. We were just satisfied customers giving back to the restaurant owners.

If you wish to contact me for restaurant reviews please contact me thru info@cheskinita.com

Our 6th Anniversary

This entry was originally posted on May 26, 2015.


Ino and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary over the weekend on May 23, 2015. It was our first time to celebrate our relationship on the same day. So, it was actually a milestone for us that we got to celebrate our special day on the same day after 6 years.

We left Manila at 4:30 A.M on Saturday and we barely had enough time to really get some sleep because we need to check in at 3 P.M.

We almost fought on our way to San Antonio, Zambales because we had a miscommunication about going to the toilet. I thought he was at bay. I waited for him for about three minutes but he was still in the bus. I freaked out because I just woke up when I alighted the bus and I was disoriented when I saw that I was in a different place. I thought we were still at the Free Port. >_< So, I was fucking mad and I unintentionally shouted at him when I entered the bus. I thought he was going to accompany me. Because I’m too broke that I don’t have any coins to pay for the toilet. >_<// So, we almost fought because I shouted at him in public. But then, I apologized and he apologized too and were okay again.

I don’t really know the reason why we arrived earlier than 3 P.M, but I’m glad that we did! Actually, we arrived at around 9 A.M or 10 A.M but Ms. Tess, the very hospitable staff of Megan’s, was very nice to let us in the room even if it’s not yet 3 P.M. It’s a good thing that the room was already available so we don’t need to wait for a long time.


A photo posted by franchesca marie (@ms.franchesca) on

When we arrived at our destination, I felt very happy because Ino was really prepared! He really thought about the place, the accommodations and the boat trip! I wasn’t able to take a picture of the room, the boat trip and other things because… I’m not a photoblogger. LOL.

I am such a noob in taking photos and I’m not really into posting stuff. I’m starting to get the hang of my LG G3 camera, though. I enjoyed saying ‘cheese’ and ‘Kimchi’ without clicking the shutter button on my phone. Ooohh, free advertisement! LOL.



Initially, I really wanted to go to Silanguin. Look at the fourth picture on the right side of my Instagram post! It’s pretty awesome, right? But it takes 2 hours to get there and it’s quite expensive for us. If I remember it correctly, the trip to Silanguin costs P2,500 and that’s the only island that you can visit. You can’t go to Annawangen or Capones or Camara, etc. Though, there are trips where you can go island hopping, but I guess it costs more. It would be best if you will go backpacking with some of your friends in Silanguin and stay there overnight. Yes, you can stay there overnight but that would be an extra charge, I guess.

Before we choose the island that we’re going to visit, the guide told us that the water in Silanguin may be a little itchy because it is not really a part of the beach but more of a pond. There are fishlings that can make our skin feel itchy, so we just ditched the idea of going there. On a side note, we actually thought that it was Anawangin but we were quite surprised to find out that it was Annawangen.

So, since we’re only for the boat ride to a couple of islands, we decided to just go to Capones and Annawangen.

Anyway, the first boat trip was freaky. We ran out of gas in the middle of the ride. We’re on the sea in a small boat with the boatman(?) or bangkero and two children — one boy and one girl, It’s a good thing that nobody freaked out. (I was actually really freaking out deep inside me because I know that the water’s too deep and I won’t survive because I can’t take a deep breath and swim for the life of me. I don’t even know if Ino can save himself so I nearly passed out.) On the exterior, I was calm as fuck but if Ino can see right through me… I guess, everybody will be affected.

Anyway, it’s a good thing that the boatman brought an extra bottle or a container of gas for the boat ride, thankfully we arrived at Capones safely. We didn’t swim at that time because we were too busy taking pictures of the beautiful island. The water captivated me and I took some photos blindly. My angle was pretty bad because we arrived in Capones in the middle of the afternoon. We also didn’t swim because the water is too deep and the waves were too strong.

Oh yeah, the waves in going to Capones and Annawangen were pretty huge. I guess it’s the best if you’re aiming for beach surfing but as for the boat trip? It was another heart-racking moment. It was like a roller coaster ride only with huge waves in the middle of the sea.

So, please understand that I was not brave enough to take my phone out and snap some photos of the huge waves. I’m too scared to lose my life and my phone that I haven’t paid in full yet.

Although I wasn’t able to take a picture of the beautiful landscape of stones and rocks, I was able to take a photo of the beach at Capones. So here it goes:



Here’s Annawangen for yah:





We took a rest in our room after the wonderful boat trip. However, since Ino’s sore throat was already starting to make him feel uncomfortable, we just decided to stay the night. We weren’t able to take our dinner as well because we felt too tired to go out. We just had breakfast and dinner the next day.

I was famished when we got out of the room the next day. I don’t usually eat or drink Taho (Soybean curdpudding?? Not sure.) but when I saw it I suddenly craved for it. It was also the first time that the arnibal (caramelized sugar) had an equal serving to the soybean curd.


A photo posted by franchesca marie (@ms.franchesca) on



Oh, I didn’t mix it. I don’t like mixing my Taho. :))

After the Taho experiencel we ate at DG Paraiso Restaurant which is located outside Megan’s Paradiso Beach Resort.



It was a few blocks away from Megan’s. The food was delicious. It was worth our money but I expected more. It’s a good thing that I didn’t order the Bibimbap because it would be such a let down if they were not able to get the exact taste that Ino and I were looking for.



I ordered the Southern Fried Chicken. In my opinion, if you are going to visit a restaurant for the first time, you should try the safest food. It just happens that my go-to food is chicken. It was actually good. The mash potatoes were spot on, if only they served it with gravy and not a bottle of catsup.



Ino on the other hand ordered the Sweet and Sour Pork. He said it was actually good and it was really a heavy meal. However, the Sweet and Sour sauce became a Sweet and Sour soup.

All in all, the place was very interesting and budget friendly. There is also a small convenience store beside Meghan’s that sells everything from vegetables to food to medicines.

Oh by the way, I also found these two cute Terrier-Azkals puppies on our way to checking out.

Ang cute!

A photo posted by franchesca marie (@ms.franchesca) on



We really had a blast, indeed!

Yey For Fitness!

This post was originally posted on my WordPress account on March 9, 2015.



It has been 8 days since March started and I’m still doing the same routine over and over again.

I’ve been contemplating on things since last year and it’s bothering me in a good way —  if there’s such a thing. It feels like my thoughts have been shouting at me lately.

One of the things that’s bothering me these days is fitness.

I am getting conscious about how I look like and how I feel. How my pants feel weird when I wear it. How dark my skin has become and how uneven! Ugh. Not for the fear of losing self-confidence, but for the betterment of how I’ll feel if I’ll slow down on being a couch potato and munching on junk food all the time.

I’ve been contemplating on eating healthy. But I know myself and it wouldn’t be enough. I guess, I need more discipline in time management. I want to walk and run, spend time in the gym and spend most of the time on the treadmill. I’m thinking that I could do it, but I haven’t tried it so I really don’t know.

Ino and I are going to inquire at some of the gyms. He also wants to look better and feel better. 🙂 So, we’re thinking about signing up in a small gym near our places. We’re hoping that it would be cheaper if we’re going to do it together. I guess, it would be more effective too.

Well, Saab Magalona has influenced me to be in shape too! I guess, I don’t always agree with whatever she says or posts on her blog or Twitter or Instagram accounts but most of her contents are interesting and beneficial, so it’s okay.

I guess going for Dietdiva will be my second option. I guess, I can be stricter with my diet in my own terms but I need to be more disciplined in my physical activities. Besides, I’m not a sporty person so I’m gonna try it little by little.

I think having a trainer would be good. However, I think it’s expensive because they usually charge an hourly rate. Ino offered to pay the membership fee if it’s affordable enough and if he can find a good place. I’m not sure yet, but I hope he’ll share the expenses with me.

I guess, it’s not just because it’s summer season and everybody’s going gaga over fitness. I guess it’s because I want to do it for myself. A change of perspective, maybe.

I’ll try to keep you posted. 🙂

When I Was Still Passionate About Work

This post was originally posted on my WordPress account on November 7, 2014.

I was blogging on my tablet about my training in the Level Test. A Level Test is a process in which the students’ scores are based on their English proficiency and assessed through the phone. I cannot give you more details about that because it is against the company’s policy.

As I wrote this, I’m already on my third day in my Level Test training.

On the first day, Sir Ed discussed the flow of the class. I couldn’t absorb some of the things that he said because I don’t really have any idea on what we are going to do. All I did was jot down notes and listen. When he asked me if I have a question,  I was a little dumbfounded because I really don’t know what to say.

On the second day, he discussed the flow again. We listened to some of the LT recordings and we assumed the level of the students. I joined the 3 PM schedule instead of the 3:50 PM schedule because I usually have a lot of students on Thursdays. I didn’t catch the first part because they started right away. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish the training because I had classes again.

My co-trainees and I had our demo on the third day. It wasn’t very smooth because we had too many errors when we had our first demo.

I noticed that I had to polish my grammar corrections because the trainer pointed out that mistake. I also had a two-minute undertime because I didn’t maximize the free talking part of the class. He said that I should enjoy the class more. Overall, he said that it was okay.

I got too conscious because I forgot to use my timer and my nerves got the best of me. I forgot to ask more questions. I forgot to make the most of the six-minute call. I even used a pencil instead of typing my corrections on the keyboard which made the process more complicated. I also didn’t follow the flow. We had an activity and I asked his purpose in studying English but I forgot to ask his interest. We also had free talking during the activity part which was unnecessary. I had my corrections but my transition was all over the place. I was supposed to read what I have written but I didn’t do it. I was able to wrap up and say my final spiel. I stuttered a lot because I was too nervous and conscious until it ended.

I’m such a noob. But that’s just the first try. No pressure. Hahaha! We will have the scoring part next week.

There’s an afternoon LT teacher that will change her shift to morning so there will be a vacant slot. I hope that I will get the slot but I don’t want to be disappointed when I’m not chosen.

It seems like my chances of being chosen in such position is unlikely in this company. I dread the feeling of being disappointed. I’m already contented with my salary. I can manage if I am not overspending on unnecessary wants. However, I don’t want to waste the opportunity. The additional income would also be beneficial to me.

I also want it. It seems fun. However, I’m a little worried with my students because they’ve registered several times with me ever since I started working in this company. I want this. It is something new because I’m feeling a bit burnt out these days.

But of course, that is if it is really meant for me. If not, it’s okay. I am not really supposed to be a part of this. It was just offered to us and they just asked us if we are interested. I was actually hesitant to accept it. Some part of me was just forced to do it. I was pressured by my former colleague, who used to be very close to me at that time. She encouraged me to try it because she will try it as well. I value our friendship at that time so I did.

I was thinking that it was just a survey and it is not yet confirmed so I said yes. After two weeks, my Team Leader called me and told me at the pantry that out of 30 people who signed up for it, there were only 8 people who were chosen. And I’m one of them. However, my former colleague wasn’t included in the eight people.

I felt a little guilty but I was gloating deep inside. I felt very happy because I got chosen and she wasn’t. We were already competing at that time. I felt relieved when I heard that news because she can’t gloat about it. I got ahead of her. But I feel a little embarrassed because if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be included in that list. If she didn’t encourage me, I wouldn’t be chosen. But it’s already over. I’m already training for it.

I would like to give credit to myself too. I deserve this. I guess I have the skills for it, I’m soft spoken and I have passed my grammar tests as well. I think I am qualified for it. Or perhaps it’s because I’m already a regular employee and she’s still on probationary. I really don’t know.

I’m going to claim it already because I’m already here. I worked hard for it. I’m passionate in my job even if it is repetitive and exhausting. This is the job that I felt very much appreciated. My efforts are recognized.

I felt very happy because it broke my monotonous career. They appreciate my dedication because even if I do not ask for it, I was given a chance to show what I can do. I feel like a student again because I’m training for a new skill and I’m being challenged to do something new. My skills are put to test in a way that I can enjoy. It feels rewarding.

I’m contented with my Saturday overtime work. I don’t need to work too much. However, I hope that it will be given to me because it would be a great help.

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