Let me re-establish my blogging style. 

I’ve been reading my old posts and I’m trying to come up with a blog that has a soul. My official blog feels too formal for me. It feels like, I’m writing for the sake of writing. Not only in writing about important life events but also in documenting where I’ve been and how I spent most of my day on that certain adventure. 

I even went overboard with posting photos about the events that I’ve been to, to the extent that editing a bulk of photos felt like a chore. I was also unsatisfied with how the blog entries turned out because even though I know that I’ve just started and I still got a lot to learn, I always end up comparing my blog contents with celebrity blogs. Writing that really sounds superficial and tacky, but… that’s how I sum up my blogging experience this year.

I still haven’t tried writing anything using my vernacular, since I created this new blog. Whenever I’m in the mood to write, I always end up writing my thoughts in English. Probably it’s because I’ve been training myself to write and think in English as part of practice. 

I am also conscious about my thought organization skills. I still haven’t improved on that area yet. My thoughts are mostly scattered and random. Sorting it out takes some time and I sometimes get sidetracked with some topics.

I’ve written blogging and updating my stories as part of my goal. With this new laptop, I’m hoping that I could actually write sensibly and more often as well. I just really want this to be more therapeutic as my everyday life is getting more hectic. Y’know, adult stuff. 

‘Though attending events would probably still be part of my life, I think I’d take it easy on capturing things. I will also enjoy the moment and live. For, I can write better when I have more experiences to share than to take photos of. 

To more writings, sharing, and living!


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