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This post has been long overdue.

We went to Cup Fiction on May 26, 2017 to check out Saab Magalona‘s coffee shop.

It was a rainy evening and Ino and I were freshly married then. I think he was feeling generous at that time, so when he asked me where I want to go I told him I want to go to Cup Fiction. Then we went. I was hoping to meet Saab Magalona at that time, but I think she was out of the country.

I’ve been looking forward to visiting this place because I’ve been a reader of her blog for quite some time. I’ve read about it on her blog and I got really curious. So, since I had the opportunity to see it for myself, I took some pictures and enjoyed some food on their menu.

The ambiance was really chic and comfortable. The staff was nice and approachable too.

We were the only customers when we got there. So it felt like, we had the place to ourselves and we had the luxury to enjoy what Cup Fiction is about. We also tried the ever famous The Dark Knight Rice, (champorado with danggit) and their very scrumptious chocolate chip cookies called The BFG Cookie (The Big Fat Giant cookie), Americano, and Cappuccino.



The Big Fat Giant (BFG) cookie


The Dark Knight Rice, (champorado with danggit)


We also noticed that they are selling their CDs there and that they were also supporting local comic illustrators in selling their comic books.

I would love to go back and enjoy a cold rainy evening at Cup Fiction again. However, I must bring more money next time because their delicious food were also costly.









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